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we like to party


You can't see it here, but there was a live Twitter feed on screen.

It was quite the weekend. It was 100% White Party planning, shopping, cleaning and of course, partying.


A little fluorescent light airplane wall sculpture I slapped up.

I can’t remember if I had the chance to say hello to everyone who came, but I do hope everyone in attendance had a good time. For those who couldn’t make it out, we hope to see you next year! And to the strangers who showed up and did not say hello or thank you, you are def not invited next year. Then again, random party-goers do bring an exciting element to a party.


More airplane decor. LED light included.

I am pretty sure next year’s accent color will be red, so you can start planning your threads now.

One major factor of any party is obvi the music. And each year I think about the handful of songs I REALLY want played so I can go bananas too on the dance floor. Some of said songs were played at this year’s White Party, but I can’t seem to remember if the following tracks happened to get on the list.

I am currently obsessed with these two (newish) soon-to-be hits. Download them. Play them. Dance.

white party wildness

some wp razzle dazzle.

i am still recovering from this weekend. i had a blast and i hope that the nug and i didn’t disappoint. and by that, i mean if you were in attendance at our 2nd annual white party, i hope we supplied enough fun and shenanigans for you.

it was so nice to see so many familiar and not-so¬†familiar faces. if i didn’t get to formally introduce myself to you, i most likely was on the¬†dance floor. i do hope you all had the chance of meeting the pope, who was a surprise guest.

the pope clearly saw some inappropriate things.

the night went very smoothly and absolutely nothing horrible happened (or at least nothing that i know of) and i would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents and nug’s parents for helping. we could not have done this without you. and i hope you know how much we love you.

i also want to make a shout out to evan evolution for being awesome. you really kept the dance floor ablaze. and it literally was on fire by 1:00 am with the amount of party people shaking it down.

party people on the floor. put yo hands up!

we are already thinking about the 3rd annual bash. we’re thinking next year’s wild card color will be some shade of green.

word of the day – fun