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i’ll take care of you

I think it’s time for another musical offering. This one is brought to you by Drake, featuring the lovely Rihanna.

If I were to describe this track in one word, it would be “smooth.”

The combination of the vocal stylings and moving lyrics really make this one a keeper in my book. While some may find it depressing and on the slower side, I currently cannot stop pressing replay.


last friday night

so i tried something new this past friday night. it’s called yoga. i’m sure you’ve heard of it.

you might say i was not 100% excited about the idea, provided that i do not work out on a regular basis, nor have i ever been able to touch my toes. however, statistics say that acts of this kind are known to reduce stress levels, increase muscle tone and improve posture.

the particular session that i went to is dubbed as “punk rock” yoga, which didn’t really exude either punk nor rock in my opinion, but they did play some subtle punk rock tracks. i guess i was expecting the instructor to come out in a mohawk and eye liner. that would have been something to see.

all in all, my trip to the studio was pretty successful. i kept up with the rest of the group for the most part, not counting the three times i almost fell over. and in true sean fashion, i sweat my asski off. at one point, i thought about asking for a clean mat so i would keep from slipping on mine.

i am pretty sure i will be back to The Studio – Cleveland for some more downward dog action. i can definitely see how practicing yoga could improve your overall mind, body and spirit. i mean, who doesn’t need some oms.

and speaking of last friday night, have you seen the new katy perry video? it is a HOOT. while there may be one too many 80s references, i found myself smiling all the way though the video. the endless celebrity cameos are hilarious, the wardrobe department must have had a field day and katy perry is just too darn funny. watch “last friday night” all the way through the credits. even if you aren’t into top 40 pop hits, i think you will LOL at least once.