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birthdays, barbecues and boats

this memorial day weekend was pretty epic. i probably could go on for quite some time recapping the shenanigans, but instead i will break it, break it down:

friday – ken stewart’s for brothers bday, map room, too many friends to list, bed by 5:30 a.m.

saturday – shopping, cook-out at kyle’s, party bus with stops at shooters and bling pig

sunday – boating, rescue mission, margaritaville

monday – more boating, rain, sadness

i probably could write about 20 things that surfaced from this past weekend. i am going to collect them and save them for future posts because some are just to interesting to not write about. however, i would like to discuss one of those topics – age.

while dancing with family and friends on the dock at shooters, i realized how old my brother was turning, how old i am and how depressing it can be. the age range that night probably spanned from 18-60, which keeps things interesting. personally, i have friends in this same age range, however, i find that many others have friends within a 5-10 year gap.

isn’t this boring? wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with all walks of life?

you learn an absurd amount of information from friends aged 18 to 65.

you will laugh. allot.

you will become a better person. or at least a more well-rounded one.

and don’t judge. we all judge, including myself, but you will probably find that some of those people you may not consider friend material may just be your next bff.

word of the day – humid

i like my dog happy…and my weekends

it’s pretty safe to say that happy dog is my new fav cle hangout/bar. went for lunch this past friday (while seeing quite a few friends also enjoying the dog) and again on saturday for kat’s bday bash. in my opinion, this establishment has a pretty high “sef” rating (service, environment, food). the staff is incredible, you simply cannot recreate the interior of this place and the dog toppings are unreal and ridiculously delicious. even if you don’t care for hot dogs, go for a drink or at least try the tator tots! p.s. – they also have a veggie dog that has an italian sausage-ish flavor.

this weekend also brought back childhood memories from my catholic school days at stm (saint thomas more). the whole family went to see my little cousin jack, who played john/judas in godspell. it was the very first time i heard him sing and it was quite adorable. it’s kind of crazy seeing your little family members grow up. i don’t like it. it scares me. but it is interesting. it was also interesting going back to my alma mater. it boggles my mind that veteran teachers still remember you after countless numbers of rug rats pass through the doors every year. remember kids, teachers are your friend. treasure them and listen to them for pete’s sake.

kev (bro), brandi (kev's gf), me, erika (cuz), jack (cuz) and missy (cuz' friend)

if one show wasn’t enough, i finished the weekend off with momma and papa ski at playhousesquare. i was never really a fan of grease, but i did enjoy myself. you really can’t help but love some of those frankie valli tunes. they sneak up under you and then all of a sudden, you’re standing up doing the hand jive.

oh, and how about this weather!? it’s official cle peeps. summa summa time!

word of the day – escarole