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luau on the lake

It’s balmy and sunny in the CLE. The beaches are crowded. The boats are sailing across the shores of Lake Erie. Our current weather conditions scream summertime.

While we don’t live in a tropical climate, one can dream of palm trees swaying along the landscape of Whiskey Island. But wait – you can experience a little island flavor in the Northcoast! This Saturday, the 6th annual Luau on the Lake will be held at Wendy Park.

This Hawaiian-themed party benefits Shoes and Clothes for Kids and includes amazing food, drinks, music, volleyball, raffles and enough fun for any big Kahuna. There is not much time to purchase your discounted pre-sale tickets, which ends this Wednesday, July 13th.

  • DATE: Saturday, July 16, 2011
  • TIME: 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • LOCATION: Wendy Park at Whiskey Island, 2800 Whiskey Island, Cleveland, OH 44102

For more information and to purchase your tickets, please click HERE. Aloha!

white party wildness

some wp razzle dazzle.

i am still recovering from this weekend. i had a blast and i hope that the nug and i didn’t disappoint. and by that, i mean if you were in attendance at our 2nd annual white party, i hope we supplied enough fun and shenanigans for you.

it was so nice to see so many familiar and not-so familiar faces. if i didn’t get to formally introduce myself to you, i most likely was on the dance floor. i do hope you all had the chance of meeting the pope, who was a surprise guest.

the pope clearly saw some inappropriate things.

the night went very smoothly and absolutely nothing horrible happened (or at least nothing that i know of) and i would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents and nug’s parents for helping. we could not have done this without you. and i hope you know how much we love you.

i also want to make a shout out to evan evolution for being awesome. you really kept the dance floor ablaze. and it literally was on fire by 1:00 am with the amount of party people shaking it down.

party people on the floor. put yo hands up!

we are already thinking about the 3rd annual bash. we’re thinking next year’s wild card color will be some shade of green.

word of the day – fun

labor pains

now that is a pool party.

this weekend is (un)officially the last weekend of summer. in a way this makes me happy due to the absurd amount of 90+ degree weather we have had. however, this is also the end of all the fantastic spring/summer events in cle. while there is much to do in the fall and winter, there is now the absence of patio happy hour time.

you better make sure you use these last summer days with careful consideration. my recommendation? you should probably spend some time outside. go to the park or beach or simply sit in your backyard with your feet in a kiddie pool and a pina colada in your hand.

my weekend will consist of half wedding and half boating. it would be fun to combine the two, wouldn’t it? we would need a much larger boat. which i am totally not opposed too.

the weather will hopefully be satisfactory. if you do not yet have labor day weekend plans, you may want to consider the natural gas taste of cleveland (i know this is the sponsor, but really?), the burke lakefront air show or oktoberfest at the berea fairgrounds.

have a great weekend!

word of the day – breeze

i’m gonna do a recap

remember the track “fantasy” by mariah carey and ODB? the title of my post reminds me of this oh-so-classic 1995 hit.

“whatcha gonna do when you get out of jail…i’m gonna do a remix”. you know you love it.

my weekend in a nutshell:

friday – townhouse tour with the plum, happy hour at roseangel and a mandatory stop at stone mad for bzone’s bday.

saturday – bar cento for larger’s big 3-0 and dragon fly (which more people need to go too).

sunday – much needed food shopping and bday dinner at bzone’s casa.

i can’t believe how fast september is filling up. lots of fun things going on in cle throughout the next month. here are some events that you should probably consider:

pandemonium at cle public theater, ingenuityfest, tremont arts & cultural fest, cedar point boat show and the white party to name a few!

word thought of the day – i need to take more pictures of my weekends.

the sky life

i only blogged once last week! i have been busy, but that is no excuse.

i am not going to spit out everything that i have been doing in the past week, so i am dedicating this post to the sky.

yes, i said the sky. why? because it’s damn beautiful! and i have had a slight obsession with snapping photos of that amazing celestial sphere. please enjoy the following photos…

a golden rainbow. but no gold to be found on either end.
a ray of light.
is that a sunset or an explosion?
a bit stormy.
power lines at dusk.

word of the day – surreal

a krusty crush

i am not sure why i have never been to krusty’s summer sauce camp before. my first experience was def a good one – and it was quite saucy.

top 5 reasons to attend krusty’s next year:

  1. people watching
  2. great live bands playing hip hop & r&b
  3. all you can eat/drink
  4. its for a good cause (malachi house)
  5. wonderful bonding time with friends
me, hartzel, plum and lzone in the woods.
the krusty crowd.


there are so many great events in cle in the summer and i am getting a little depressed that we’re verging on september. however, there is one party that you may not know about – the white party! the nug and i are starting to prep for our 2nd annual shindig on 9/18. mark your calendars! and if you have a wedding that day, make sure to stop by late night. i’m talking to you, rabbit.

one of my fav pics from last year's bash.
the dance floor.

word of the day – taxi

so i walked into this bar…

before i tell you about my weekend, i need to get something off my chest. we all know that we are a nation of whiners. and in the winter months, it’s even more apparent in the midwest. you would think that people would be outside during these amazing summer nights, right? for the past couple weekends, i have noticed the absence of clevelanders making it a point to eat/drink/play outside. what’s up with that!? because i know you people are the same ones that complain about the first snowfall in november. but i digress…

so this past friday night i had my first tina’s nightclub experience. and it’s hard to even write about it because words cannot really describe it. let me drill it down as such:

  • 3 jello shots for $1
  • 12 ft. chain link fence patio (think mini jail yard)
  • karaoke every night at 9:30
  • the guy with the “poop ballz” t-shirt

it may be one of the dirtiest bars in cle, but it may also be the most ridiculously fun bars in cle (depending on your tolerance levels and mandatory vaccinations). will i be going back to tina’s? duh.

the weekend also included a visit to reddstone, which included a tiki torch fire that could have been much worse if the wonderful waitress didn’t throw it over the fence. saturday night ended at touch supper club, where i danced like a fool. just ask the entire back half of the first floor. i left about 36 sweat glands on the dance floor.

it’s a shame i didn’t get any decent photos of this weekend. however, check out this amazing present from connie! yes, you are looking at an alligator mist machine. run to your local giant eagle. these babies are on clearance. we still have hot, humid days left this summer!

    • later gator.

under the bridge

the bridge project from 2009.

this year’s ingenuityfest will take place this septemeber 24-26th on the lower level of the veterans memorial bridge. you should probably go.

if you haven’t been to an ingenuityfest before, it can basically be described as an edgy, arts and music celebration with a little bit of crazy magic sprinkled about. some may consider some of the performances and events odd or maybe a little avant-garde, but that’s what it’s all about.

this year, they are incorporating a little preview party called speakeasy 2.0. this friday night you can choose between “the premier event” and the “skyline party” which will include performances, food, cocktails and dancing. for more information on this wonderful event, visit www.ingenuitycleveland.com/speakeasy.

and if you have not been to the lower level of the veterans memorial bridge, the venue itself is a reason to go. once you step down into the subway catacombs, you automatically feel like you shouldn’t be there — in a good way. it’s an amazeballs setting for just about anything. and when you combine the location with good music and dramatic lighting, you feel like you should be in a movie or some high-end vodka commercial. it def feels very cosmopolitan, while being gritty and raw at the same time. it’s hard to describe, which is why you just have to go to get the full experience!

word of the day – gumption

hot brown


another weekend recap? not this time. although, i will tell you that my 4-day weekend was quite enjoyable. most of the time was spent in the sun, rotating between the pool, beach and boat. oh, and we can’t forget the mandatory visit to mon ami. it never disappoints.

and now to the gist of this post. does the sun scare you? do you protect yourself from its harmful rays or could you care less?

i enjoy basking in it and it is obvious by the color of my skin. but when is it time to stop soaking it in? how dark is too dark?

currently, i could probably pass as sicilian or lebanese, but i really have to stop at some point. i would like to avoid looking like a piece of old, worn, brown leather luggage.

word of the day – relish

a dose of reality

so episode 1 of “the flats” is complete. it did turn out quite well i think. we’re not sure how many of these we are going to create, but hopefully episode 2 will be finished in the next couple weeks.

i think i need to make a statement here as well. we are simply having fun with this little project. we aren’t professional actors. we are young urban professionals that thought this would be a hilarious parody series. we just want to prove that the city of cle can be just as cool, fun and cosmopolitan as any other big, flashy city.

the story lines may or may not have anything to do with our real life situations, but that doesn’t matter. again, it’s about having fun! so please enjoy and don’t be a hater. yes, i am talking to you “u2norton” on youtube.