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you should probably watch what you say

I am not one to pick a fight. I get along with most everyone. I express my excitement and happiness for our great city through verbal and written words. However, sometimes one must share his thoughts and opinions on matters in which they feel important. Which is what I am going to do right now.

If you are active in any social media platform, you have created a personal brand. You divulge your thoughts, opinions, passions and views onto the world for all to see (or at least those individuals who follow you). Which brings me to my main point of this post: WATCH WHAT YOU SAY.

Last week I was scrolling through random tweets and came across this…

S***eC****e11“@C_Wardo: I want to yell from the top of a mountain!! ” You are gayer than the HIV virus…

The only reason why I started following this Shane fellow was due to his “marketing account manager” status listed in his profile and our affiliation as Kent State alumni. I immediately was disgusted by this statement, so I immediately responded with this…

seanski82 If you follow @S***eC****e11, you may find it amusing. Pretty blunt and ignorant tweets for a “marketing consultant”.

And then his final response…

S***eC****e11 Just lost a random follower over that HIV comment.. $5 says he is HIV positive.. Another $5 says I’m not sry about it… #AIDSface

REALLY!?! Now I don’t know Shane, but judging by his many words of wisdom, he is not a young marketing professional. What kind of marketing or advertising company does this ignorant “bro” work for? And if you consider passing out coupons for Jimmy Johns on the streets of Kent “marketing”, than you are clearly mistaken.

The Cleveland and Akron marketing communications industry is a small community. We basically all know each other or at least recognize the names and faces tied to our agencies and clients. And we all know as marketing professionals, that one must be very careful when expressing themselves via social media platforms. Your social media actions and statements are a reflection of your personality — you’re personal brand.

I could continue judging this young man, but I am a bigger person than that. However, if you want to investigate a little more and happen to find Mr. Shane’s Facebook profile, you can judge for yourself. And if the person at large happens to read this, you may want to watch what you say. Especially if you plan on getting a job anytime soon in the marketing communications industry. Just sayin’.

it’s hip to be a square

i used to make fun of foursquare. i used to make fun of the early adopters who began using foursquare. and now i have found myself slightly obsessed with this little game that has turned into a pretty hot commodity.

while some may consider this social media app stalker-esque, i find it to be more of a convenience.

for example:

last week i had dinner at dragonfly lounge, checked-in and received a free miso soup with the special offer via foursquare.

two days ago, i checked into dragonfly again (which was supposed to place me at the mayorship title and i failed because of that damn andrew s.) and another friend texted me because she saw my check-in while she was at the old angle tavern across the street. now some may find this a little creepy, but this could have been a missed opportunity to hang out with a friend if she hadn’t seen my foursquare check-in.

consequently, i have also been coordinating happy hours and dinners at places i frequent in the hopes of becoming mayor. is this sad? i think it may be. but for those of you also addicted to foursquare, you probably are on my side.

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