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can’t touch this solstice

the awe inspiring lights of the solstice party.

i keep repeating myself. it was another great weekend. it seems that since i started this little blog, every weekend thus far has been above average to excellent. however, these funductive (productive + fun) weekends have taken a toll on the pad. i reaaallly need to do some hardcore cleaning. my closet is ridic. not the good kind of ridic.

let’s chat about this past weekend. my friday night started at luxe with the usual detroit shoreway suspects. i cannot get enough of that patio. i believe we were the last ones to leave and i apologize to the staff who had to put up with our shenanigans. but i know you love us.

we later strolled a little north to reddstone where i had to order another turkey panini (which i had the previous tuesday). they recently updated their menu and i suggest you try it. the night was beautiful and one of the best things about living in the city is the abundance of super cool patios. def not as adequate as the “patios” at crocker park.

saturday consisted of the usual errands and the 2nd annual solstice party at the cleveland museum of art. this party is just going to get bigger and better. the crowd was magnificent. very cosmopolitan and incredibly cool. i would like to pre-order my tickets now for next year. and may i add a suggestion for next year’s music feast…passion pit would be an amazeballs option. they would fit right in. think about it cle museum of art. think about it.

spent sunday with the ski clan. visited the small town of rittman to pay my grandpa ski a visit at the ohio western reserve national cemetery. he past away this past december (worst december ever) and i miss him dearly. we also headed to holy cross cemetery to visit my grandpa fedak and uncle ross. of course i cried a little. i am a sensitive polish boy. not going to lie.

sunday night ended at bzone’s house for dinner and hilariousness. she is one of the many reasons why i love living in this neighborhood.

it’s a busy week ahead. i will talk to you kids later.

word of the day – simplicity

that’s not my name

due me at the sandbar.

another enjoyable weekend has past. it was fun. wish it would have lasted just a little longer, but the next one will be here before we know it.

with many festivities already set in place for this summer, i do hope to get on the boat more often than last year. it’s sad to say, but going to the marina has almost become a chore (never thought i would say that).

needless to say, i do enjoy it very much and hope to own my own vessel one day (preferably co-owning with the rents or brothers). note to self – if you are ever interested in owning a boat, co-ownership would be a good option.

and if you do end up with a floating piece of fiberglass (or wood), one crucial decision is the name. this is an issue in the ski family. our current cruiser was owned by a lawyer in kentucky, which doesn’t really provide any meaning or rationale in his decision to name the 34 foot silverton, “due me”.

yea. you would think my parents would have changed that 4 years ago when we bought this one, right? it’s embarrassing and there is always need for explanation when someone asks. we brainstormed options a couple years ago and yet we still have not changed her name. i believe some of our picks were ohana, after 5 and dockski (i just came up with that one). needless to say, we need to change it. now.

however, i will give my dad props when he suggested naming my brother’s boat last year. when it was docked next to my parents, he thought “due me II” would have been appropriate. come on. that is pretty funny. but still embarrassing.

word of the day – erie