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i’ll take care of you

I think it’s time for another musical offering. This one is brought to you by Drake, featuring the lovely Rihanna.

If I were to describe this track in one word, it would be “smooth.”

The combination of the vocal stylings and moving lyrics really make this one a keeper in my book. While some may find it depressing and on the slower side, I currently cannot stop pressing replay.


you da one

When the month of December arrives, we all know that winter has begun. Thus far, the CLE area has had a very mild late fall and by now we should have already seen some sort of snow accumulation. But in the days of December, personally I would rather take just that. Instead of┬ádreary, cold and wet, give this guy some of that white stuff! I mean, it’s freaking Christmas time and I want some holiday cheer. Let it snow!

Today was one of those miserable, grey days that makes one want to fly away to the tropics where palm trees and sandy beaches blanket aqua coastlines. It makes me want to go back to Mexico, for just a week, to get a little taste of cielo. Maybe a nice trip to Barbados?

And while on the topic of Barbados, I must express my enjoyment of the new Rihanna album. Her people really produced a fantastic pop paradise for the masses and I have found it very difficult to not car dance to “We Found Love” whenever I hear it. But her new single, “You Da One” really gets me too, which exudes a more Caribbean feel. If you close your eyes while listening, you can almost feel the sea breeze and taste the pina coladas.