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cause this city is my city

Driving into work this morning felt similar to a music video. The grey clouds broke way to let the blue sky and sun shine through on the skyline. At the same exact time, “This City” by Patrick Stump started to play on the radio (KISSFM).

I immediately thought about the great weekend I had just had, seeing friends and family, eating a “Sexy Burger” from Reddstone, chomping on frites from Lava Lounge, having good conversation with the bartender at Stone Mad Pub and having Sunday brunch at Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar.

My thoughts got a little deeper as I pondered about my life and all the good things that surround me. I won’t get into details, but in a nutshell, life is pretty good. And CLE is part of that reason. Though we have numerous issues, the heart of our city and its people (not talking about the naysayers, here) are strong. We have people who care and who are willing to put every ounce of energy into making our city a better place to live, work and play.

And like Patrick says, “I was born and raised here. I got it made here. And if I have my way, I’m gonna stay here.”

partio time!

the Luxe patio after dark.

spring has started out pretty rocky. and from the looks of it, more rain is on the way this week. but after basking in the sun at cropicana this past weekend, we all know summer is coming. and what does that mean? patio party time, of course!

it’s natural that we clevelanders want to spend every waking hour outdoors from the months of may through october. and we all want that perfect place to lounge with our bff’s while we nosh and slosh.

if you are looking for some high-grade quality patios, try out some of these lovely options…

  • Luxe – sustainably chic, nice shrubs, gnocchi
  • Reddstone – mature trees, ample seating, hip crowd
  • Washington Place Bistro & Inn – quaint, lush, romantic
  • Stone Mad – 100% stone, bubbling waterfall, oversized fireplace
  • Zinc Bistro – urban oasis, comfortable seating, prime downtown location
  • Taphouse – hops plants, amazing menu, trendy Tremont locale


this one’s a quickie

i had quite the weekend. and i need sleep. but i also need to accomplish a million things this week, so rest will most likely not happen.

rather than getting into the nitty gritty details, i will recap in “place/event — adjective” format.


the sculpture center/Qian Li opening — inspiring

reddstone — juicy


sweet moses media preview — sweet (official blog recap coming soon)

crocker park with the plum — caucasian

Lexus Dark Ride event feat. Jay Sean — see photo below (courtesy of cleshopaholic)


no clue how i got up there.

78th street studios/photo shoot — flattering


word of the day – obnoxious


so i walked into this bar…

before i tell you about my weekend, i need to get something off my chest. we all know that we are a nation of whiners. and in the winter months, it’s even more apparent in the midwest. you would think that people would be outside during these amazing summer nights, right? for the past couple weekends, i have noticed the absence of clevelanders making it a point to eat/drink/play outside. what’s up with that!? because i know you people are the same ones that complain about the first snowfall in november. but i digress…

so this past friday night i had my first tina’s nightclub experience. and it’s hard to even write about it because words cannot really describe it. let me drill it down as such:

  • 3 jello shots for $1
  • 12 ft. chain link fence patio (think mini jail yard)
  • karaoke every night at 9:30
  • the guy with the “poop ballz” t-shirt

it may be one of the dirtiest bars in cle, but it may also be the most ridiculously fun bars in cle (depending on your tolerance levels and mandatory vaccinations). will i be going back to tina’s? duh.

the weekend also included a visit to reddstone, which included a tiki torch fire that could have been much worse if the wonderful waitress didn’t throw it over the fence. saturday night ended at touch supper club, where i danced like a fool. just ask the entire back half of the first floor. i left about 36 sweat glands on the dance floor.

it’s a shame i didn’t get any decent photos of this weekend. however, check out this amazing present from connie! yes, you are looking at an alligator mist machine. run to your local giant eagle. these babies are on clearance. we still have hot, humid days left this summer!

    • later gator.

b-days and buoys

first off, did you witness the in-tenseness of the sky last night? this mysterious, copper hue filled the air around 9ish, combined with bright white clouds and a couple rainbows. very surreal.

anywho…where did this weekend go? my weekend basically consisted of bday celebrations. friday night started at reddstone, where i ordered yet another turkey panini. this spot is quickly becoming one of my neighborhood favorites.

next, the clan headed over to the speakeasy at mcnulty’s bier markt for moe’s 30th. she def does not look 30. but she is 30. which basically means you are no longer a young adult. you are now a for realz kind of adult. can you sense the bitterness? i say this because i will be turning the big 3-0 sooner than later.

plum, moe and me.

the last stop of the night was the flying monkey in tremont, which was HOT. and by hot, i mean sticky, humid, damp, moist hot. nonetheless, the night still ended with an impromptu dance party. thank you “omg” by usher.

the majority of saturday was spent with the family for my aunt dana’s bday. we started at l’albatros, which is still my absolute favorite restaurant in this city. again, the service and food was excellent.

we hopped over to my neighborhood for some libations at stone mad. props to eileen and pete for the new fountain on the patio. it looks great! also spent some more quality time at the painters lofts (my place) for some more laughs and bonding. i love my family.

in the heat of the night on friday, lzone decided a sunday funday would be a wise decision (this was also moe’s actual bday). we all agreed. this was actually my first time at the sunset grille on whiskey island. and if i had to describe it in one word, that word would be “eclectic”. there were your obvious boaters, mixed in with hipsters, country folk and urban professionals. if you want to people watch, you need to get down to this place. you will not be disappointed.

plum, me, lzone, moe and selvag at whiskey island.

it’s going to be another beautiful week in cle. the weather is looking promising and so is the week ahead. if you haven’t made your fourth of july plans, you better get on that!

word of the day – captain

can’t touch this solstice

the awe inspiring lights of the solstice party.

i keep repeating myself. it was another great weekend. it seems that since i started this little blog, every weekend thus far has been above average to excellent. however, these funductive (productive + fun) weekends have taken a toll on the pad. i reaaallly need to do some hardcore cleaning. my closet is ridic. not the good kind of ridic.

let’s chat about this past weekend. my friday night started at luxe with the usual detroit shoreway suspects. i cannot get enough of that patio. i believe we were the last ones to leave and i apologize to the staff who had to put up with our shenanigans. but i know you love us.

we later strolled a little north to reddstone where i had to order another turkey panini (which i had the previous tuesday). they recently updated their menu and i suggest you try it. the night was beautiful and one of the best things about living in the city is the abundance of super cool patios. def not as adequate as the “patios” at crocker park.

saturday consisted of the usual errands and the 2nd annual solstice party at the cleveland museum of art. this party is just going to get bigger and better. the crowd was magnificent. very cosmopolitan and incredibly cool. i would like to pre-order my tickets now for next year. and may i add a suggestion for next year’s music feast…passion pit would be an amazeballs option. they would fit right in. think about it cle museum of art. think about it.

spent sunday with the ski clan. visited the small town of rittman to pay my grandpa ski a visit at the ohio western reserve national cemetery. he past away this past december (worst december ever) and i miss him dearly. we also headed to holy cross cemetery to visit my grandpa fedak and uncle ross. of course i cried a little. i am a sensitive polish boy. not going to lie.

sunday night ended at bzone’s house for dinner and hilariousness. she is one of the many reasons why i love living in this neighborhood.

it’s a busy week ahead. i will talk to you kids later.

word of the day – simplicity

a public service announcement

it’s already tuesday. i need to keep up on this blog thing! and instead of explaining my past weekend to you, i would rather take this opportunity to tell you what i did last night. however, i will give you some bullet points that would describe my weekend:

  • reddstone happy hour
  • cleaning the hizzy
  • bar/club fun
  • bar/club drama
  • unlimited bread sticks

so last night the nug and i went to the franklin blvd. block club meeting to get the 411 on recent neighborhood news and rants. we have only been to a couple, but if you live in the city of cle, i highly recommend that you join a block club. while we all are networking through the online social media wave, we also have to remember that we still need to actually converse with people in person! it’s another great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends, along with the opportunity to get your thoughts and concerns out in the open with your local peeps.

moving to the detroit shoreway neighborhood was the best decision i ever made. attending the block club meeting last night confirmed that decision once again. street clean up activities to urban garden planning and new business announcements to historical house restorations were topics of discussion. i had the biggest smile on my face when a local family came to speak about their new restaurant, frank’s falafel house. so if you happen to be driving down franklin blvd. or w 65th this june/july, make sure to stop in for some mediterranean inspired sandwiches. also found out that the owners of the abc tavern in oc are opening a new restaurant on detroit next to the cleveland public theatre. expected to open sometime this fall, the appropriately named, xyz tavern should be the next hot spot in the detroit shoreway hood!

so my point? get involved with your community. meet new people. take some time out of your hectic schedules to participate in a street clean up or charity event. be a neighborhood ambassador! support the city in which you live to make it just a little better. enough of us trying to make it a little better will make the city a lot better. duh.