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W. 61 St. display.

boom boom boom

it was quite the holiday weekend. It was everything I could have imagined and more, filled with loved ones, laughter, sun and spirits. One of those long weekends when you think about what life would be like if your job consisted of relaxation, socializing and consuming large amounts of food and alcohol. Wait, that lifestyle is attainable. However, I believe one might call that retirement. Can I retire once I hit the big 3-0?

Naturally, I did not take as many photos as I should have, specifically shots of myself lounging in a kiddie pool floating around the waters of Put-in-Bay. I must recreate that scene ASAP.

Last week I mentioned it was a packed weekend of P’s (parties and Perry’s) via Twitter and Facebook. Please see my evidence below.

And this little clip was taken at plum’s bash — yet another P! The more I think about it, the more I realize how I have become more ridiculous with age. Here’s to never taking myself too seriously.

COMM-unity 2011

i must say that this past weekend was a doozy. while i should be discussing my jump back ball experience, i need to sleep on that topic so i can eloquently describe the interesting evening. but let’s just say that it involved blood, dancing and omelettes.

in the meantime, i would like to invite all of you young marketing professionals (and soon to be marketing professionals) to the first ever industry-wide cle Mar/COMM event.

NOCA, AAFPRSA and IABC bring you COMM-UNITY 2011, which will unite industry movers and shakers allowing attendees to network, collaborate and engage with their peers.

young leaders in the industry will be available to informally discuss a number of key topics that include:

civic and community outreach-
tony madalone of Fresh Brewed Tees

blog, tweet and get linked-
alexa marinos of clevelandsaplum.com
sean szczepinski of happyincle.net (i know him)

start your own business-
dar caldwell of LaunchHouse

the deets:
date: thursday, march 10th
time: 6:00pm to 8:30pm
place: The Club at Key Center – 127 public square
who: young professionals in the Mar/COMM industry
cost: $20 by march 7th, $25 late registration and at the door

your admission price also includes a FREE head shot courtesy of Cinecraft ProductionsVMCAD as well as heavy apps.

to register and purchase tickets online GO HERE, and for more information contact kate hawk at info@COMM-unityCLE.com.

passport to party!

i’m baaaaaaaaaaack! my mind is still in shock from to much relaxation. i actually need more sleep after heavy doses of doing nothing but sitting in sand or lounging poolside. weird, ehh?

that said, my mexico recap will have to wait. why? because i need to tell you about one of the hottest parties of the year in cle! get your passports ready because its jump back ball time!

don't be tardy for this party.

PlayhouseSquare is one of cle’s finest treasures and every year they host an amazeballs benefit which typically involves some of the cities most influential, generous and creative individuals. i have attended this bash a couple times and unfortunately missed out last year, but you can read all about it on my friend alexa’s blog here.

so my point is, you should go! get tickets and have one hell of a night. even better, next week on tuesday 11/16, you can purchase tickets at a much lower price at the kickoff party. tickets on this night only will be $120 with no handling fees. there is a 2 ticket limit per person that night, so keep that in mind. after the kickoff party, tickets will increase to $140, plus handling fees. that’s a good deal, yo!

the kickoff party will be held downtown at zinc, which is located at 668 euclid ave. party starts at 6 pm and ends at 8 pm. i will be there and you should be too!

for more information and to purchase tickets, you can click here. there will also be complimentary appetizers, drink specials and valet parking at zinc, so you have no excuse to miss it!

word of the day – ball

burnin’ it up!

it’s getting hot in the erie shores. and my level of complaining has increased by 75% due to the high humidity levels and my ever lasting sweat glands. however, this makes for great beach weather.

i hope you had a safe and wonderful 4th of july weekend. let’s recap.

friday night started at lava lounge, which i still think has one of the best happy hour’s in the city. the night really got started once we hit hoopples for the plum’s big 3-0 bash. fireworks at the jake (i refuse to call it the pro) made a wonderful backdrop as photos of alexa throughout the years shined on the bridge above. i was a little disappointed that i was the ONLY one to wear a “cleveland’s a plum” shirt, but i think she got a little kick out of it. saw way too many friends to mention but it was definitely a good time.

nug, plum and me!

we finished the night off at the velvet tango room just up the street from hoopples. i cannot get enough of that place. but only in doses, due to the high-end cocktail fees. however, next time we pay a visit to the vtr, i can now whisper the secret password for access into the private area. ahhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaa!

saturday can only be described by viewing this video of my parent’s fireworks display in buzzard town (aka hinckley). more good times with family and friends.

it was a hot one on sunday and it got even hotter at bzone’s annual 4th of july party. the police shut the street down and the neighborhood literally blows up. i think every nationality is represented on this street and the fireworks are never ending. the night naturally ended in a dance party in the back yard. let’s be honest. what weekend night doesn’t end in a dance party?

me and puma

the scorching monday temps called for a beach day. it was truly a perfect summer day at the clifton beach club. i need to swim more often this summer. thank you kyle for the cbc vip treatment!

i need to blog more often. i feel like all of my posts are just weekend recaps. i promise i will get more interesting.

word of the day – aqua

cle is the paris of ohio

of course it's hot in cle. our river was on flames at one point.

i have come to the conclusion that tuesday is the worst day of the week. think about it. it is.

however, this past tuesday was the best tuesday ever. i was invited to a vip party for the premiere of tvland’s “hot in cleveland” by the lovely schwan schwan. the plum and lzone also joined along with some more plum friends and 33.3% of the board of love (the bol will be discussed in a later post).

now i could discuss the entire night with you but it would be ridiculously similar to the plum’s blog post today. i was with her the whole night and she beat me to the punch. so please visit clevelandsaplum.com for the captivating sequence of events (and funny photos).

it’s been another busy week and i would like to bring up my dinner from last night. lzone and i went to touch supper club and if you have only been for dj events, you must try the food. i highly suggest the “pork and pork” and the mac n’ cheese. you will be craving more the next day. believe me.

can’t wait for the weekend. it’s father’s day on sunday so make sure to give your pops some props.

this weekend is also the solstice party at the cleveland museum of art. last year (the first solstice party) i did not attend, but i am not missing out this year after hearing how wonderful it was. cannot wait!

word of the day – guest