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jump it back right now!

Jump Back Ball 21 is happening very, very soon. This is the week to buy your tickets to one of Cleveland’s biggest parties, benefiting the iconic PlayhouseSquare organization. There are two main reasons why you should buy your tickets right now — prices will increase this Wednesday, 1/25 and there are less than 60 tickets left!

This year, music will include bands Radioactive on the main stage and the late night party will continue with Tricky Dick & the Cover-Ups. Regular price tickets include an array of food (catered by Sammy’s) and an open bar, while VIP tickets will include very VIP food provided by AMP 150. This year, the party will also include a fresh layout that regular Jump Back Ball attendees have never seen.

February 25th will be full of fun and surprises, so make sure to get your tickets right at this minute. Look how much fun I had last year (see below). I believe this is an accurate depiction of the good times you are in for.

Disclosure: I received one free ticket in exchange for blogging about Jump Back Ball 21. These opinions are all me!

this one’s a quickie

i had quite the weekend. and i need sleep. but i also need to accomplish a million things this week, so rest will most likely not happen.

rather than getting into the¬†nitty gritty details, i will recap in “place/event — adjective” format.


the sculpture center/Qian Li opening — inspiring

reddstone — juicy


sweet moses media preview — sweet (official blog recap coming soon)

crocker park with the plum — caucasian

Lexus Dark Ride event feat. Jay Sean — see photo below (courtesy of cleshopaholic)


no clue how i got up there.

78th street studios/photo shoot — flattering


word of the day – obnoxious


it went down at JBB

i know jump back ball was last weekend. and i know that i have been a bad blogger. due to being insanely busy last week (and still sick), i had no time to recap my crazy night at PlayhouseSquare’s biggest event of the year.

originally, i was going to start out by explaining how rough the night started and then get into my unexpected confrontation with an ignorant attendee. but then i got over it. instead, i would rather provide some positive images.

nug, me, lzone and moe looking like hot messes.
a little dancing with ck.
joe g. and kelly. both terrific dancers, fyi.
mark and moe. aren't they just darling. vom.
group shot - post kicking walter out of xyz the tavern.

thank you to PlayhouseSquare for providing our city with a terrific event for an even more terrific institution. can’t wait for next year!

word of the day – super

dear jump back ball. it’s nice to see you again.

the biggest party of the year is only one month away! have you purchased your tickets to the hottest event in cle? if you have not, what are you waiting for?

personally, i am getting quite excited about the big event this year and there are many reasons why. here is a little sample of what “passport to party” will include:

  • fortune tellers – crystal balls don’t lie
  • great bands – The Menus and RadioActive will beat up the beat
  • AMP 150 – for you select VIP peeps
  • Absolut ice bar – yes, please
  • sno cone machine – maybe some of that vodka will accidentally fall into my cone
  • free t-shirt – everyone gets a 20th anniversary JBB shirt!

to get an even better idea of what you can expect, watch the below video of 10 more reasons why you should check out JBB this year!

tickets are selling SUPER fast, so get them while they are hot! click here to buy your tickets!

“>10 Reasons Not to Miss Jump Back Ball 2011 from square”>PlayhouseSquare on Vimeo.

i like my dog happy…and my weekends

it’s pretty safe to say that¬†happy dog is my new fav cle hangout/bar. went for lunch this past friday (while seeing quite a few friends also enjoying the dog) and again on saturday for kat’s bday bash. in my opinion, this establishment has a pretty high “sef” rating (service, environment, food). the staff is incredible, you simply cannot recreate the interior of this place and the dog toppings are unreal and ridiculously delicious. even if you don’t care for hot dogs, go for a drink or at least try the tator tots! p.s. – they also have a veggie dog that has an italian sausage-ish flavor.

this weekend also brought back childhood memories from my catholic school days at stm (saint thomas more). the whole family went to see my little cousin jack, who played john/judas in godspell. it was the very first time i heard him sing and it was quite adorable. it’s kind of crazy seeing your little family members grow up. i don’t like it. it scares me. but it is interesting. it was also interesting going back to my alma mater. it boggles my mind that veteran teachers still remember you after countless numbers of rug rats pass through the doors every year. remember kids, teachers are your friend. treasure them and listen to them for pete’s sake.

kev (bro), brandi (kev's gf), me, erika (cuz), jack (cuz) and missy (cuz' friend)

if one show wasn’t enough, i finished the weekend off with momma and papa ski at playhousesquare. i was never really a fan of grease, but i did enjoy myself. you really can’t help but love some of those frankie valli tunes. they sneak up under you and then all of a sudden, you’re standing up doing the hand jive.

oh, and how about this weather!? it’s official cle peeps. summa summa time!

word of the day – escarole