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hey, we’re not as miserable this year!

you are beautiful, no matter what they say. words can't bring you down.

the current weather conditions may be miserable. all of our professional sports teams are playing miserably. and i am getting really irritated with all of these miserable potholes in our cities roads.

however, we could be MUCH more miserable. which is obvious, because this year cleveland has been voted the number 10 most miserable city, if you recall, last year forbes named “the mistake on the lake” the number one most miserable american city. quite the comeback, ehh?

what i found interesting was the fact that eight cities in california were on the top 20 list as well as some glamorous places such as miami, washington d.c. and chicago. really? i mean if i had to, i would have a great time living in any of those bustling, cosmopolitan cities.

i also do not exactly agree with cleveland’s ranking because the reasons listed are in regards to the loss of lebron james and our sports teams failing attempts at any sort of championship win. sports teams are an important factor in any major cities economy, but there are far more important things to consider.

i could list 10 other cities that should be on the top ten list. where is buffalo? how about newark? i guess i should just shut up and deal with the fact that we are no longer the most miserable — just miserable-ish.

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seanski’s first giveaway!

i need some love.

last week i was thinking about ways to attract some additional readers/followers/stalkers/lovers/frenemies. one obvi way to do just this is by having some form of a contest or giveaway. most bloggers do this, so why wouldn’t i? doesn’t everyone want something for free!?!

so for everyone that comments on this post, you will receive one free HUG! yes, that’s right — one giant, heart-warming, cozy hug. and if things go well, you may be eligible for a prolonged hug, also known as a cuddle.

why a hug? because i need them this week. it is my birthday this wednesday and i am one year closer to the horrid age of 30. i know, i know. everyone i talk to says your 30s are the greatest decade of your life, but i am in complete disagreement.

so there will be no parties or elaborate gatherings for me this week. all i need is hugs. so everyone can reassure to me that everything will be alright.

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