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if you think funk is dead, then you are funked up

DISCLAIMER: I am calling it, friends. These two new jams will definitely be on the summer 2013 top ten list. Be prepared to hear these beats at stop lights through open car windows, beach parties and weddings. 

Robin Thicke and Daft Punk are currently doing everything right. Pairing up with musical mastermind, Pharrell Williams on both artist’s new singles is a match made in heaven.

Tracks “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky” are undeniably groovy. I almost don’t even have to put into words why you should like these songs. If either of them don’t make you smile, tap your feat or shake your groove thang, than you have no business being a sane human being.

“Blurred Lines” samples Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up”, which was quite brave, but Thicke manages to do it justice, combining his smooth voice and sexy lyrics with this classic R&B beat. You really have to admit that this song is a great take on an old, soulful sound that we haven’t quite heard in recent years. Kudos to Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell.

And if one great song wasn’t enough, Pharrell also paired up with Daft Punk on their highly anticipated new album, Random Access Memories. Much like “Blurred Lines”, “Get Lucky” also has a 70s throwback/disco vibe which should also get all you kids on the dance floor. It’s smooth, it has swag, and it only confirms that dance music is king in today’s pop hit list.

seanskisez: That Pharrell is on fire!

you make me feel…like dancing

It’s time for another one. Another song I can’t get out of my head. This one is from Cobra Starship (think “Good Girls Go Bad”) and features the adorable Sabi.

I basically would like to play this on a hot summer night on a random city rooftop while dancing till 3:00am. Who would like to join me? I will bring the jello shots and speakers.

Keep cool and have a great weekend!


they come around like honey

when i first heard this slick beat while listening to one my pandora stations, i was immediately hooked. consequently, i also started busting a move on my living room floor as i completed my typical saturday cleaning session.

my current obsession for this song is largely due to the fact of the sampled nu shooz’s “i can’t wait” hit from 1986. and when you think about it, this old skool jam is still pretty darn catchy!

please enjoy the following tunes and feel free to let loose. you know you want too.

word of the day – telephone

yaa yaa yaa

i need to share this. i have posted it on facebook before, but i need to bring it back.

we all love a good music video. even though mtv and vh1 do not necessarily play them as much as they should, we can still view them via social media outlets and of course, youtube. this little tune was brought to my attention by e-mex. i think it’s the best song ever created that does not contain any actual lyrics.

i promise you will watch this and probably watch it again a few more times. it will seep into your brain and you will sing and/or hum this throughout your day.


tonight is the “decision” which obvi includes the egomaniac lebron james. while as much as i would love to see him stay in cle, at this point i really don’t care. we will survive without him.

i will not be watching the announcement. i need to keep writing this script for “the flats” project i am working on with my friends. the plum already posted the teaser on her blog. the first episode should be ready next week, so look out for it!

word of the day – reality

beat up that beat

so i was driving home this afternoon from work, naturally singing with a little bit of seat grooving, when i realized that i basically listen to mostly hip-hop, r&b and rap music. i mean, i really listen to a little bit of everything but in the recent months it’s been a whole lot of funky beats and sweet soul. actually, the more that i think about it, i really have been listening to this genre of music for years. a part of me really wishes i could sing. when i hear the voices of ne-yo, robin thicke, bobby valentino, j. holiday and trey songz i can’t help but belt it out with them. now my voice is absolutely horrible, but i don’t care. but it’s more than that. it’s those damn catchy beats that really make you shake your head, tap your feet or bounce that booty. which leads me to another reason why i like this type of music so much — dancing! i am not afraid to do it. i know some of you have seen me in action. i do like to dance and i actually think i am pretty good at it for a white boy.

what is your favorite type of music? have a favorite artist? what about your favorite song?

currently, i am obsessed with “nothing on you” by b.o.b. and “tie me down” by the new boyz.

word of the day – perculator