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it’s a scary decision

i think most everyone finds this chore difficult. it creeps up on us every year. you probably go through a million ideas in your head. what will get the most laughs? what will make people hysterically uncomfortable? what will scare the living daylights out of friends and family? what will you be for halloween?

dino-mite! even when i was a young child, i would throw my hands up in the air sometimes.

over the years, i have been random things such as a refrigerator magnet, teenage mutant ninja turtle, dinosaur, paper weight and “when sh*t hits the fan”. as of late, i am thinking of going in the current trends route for 2010. i have some ideas and i may just go for the easy, maybe expected option depending on who you ask.

what are you going to be for halloween this year?


as a side note, voting is still underway for the metromixmost interesting cleveland couples” contest. nug and i are currently only at 9% of the votes, so please vote HERE! it’s not like we have to win. i would just prefer to not be in the bottom 5. we have to represent!

word of the day – thrill

an interesting duo

don't be alarmed. we were dressed for a theme party.

i started this blog about six months ago. oneĀ tiny major thing that i have yet to discuss is my significant other. and since today is our 8th anniversary, i probably should introduce you to him. yes, i said him. i know most everyone knows of my “label” if you will, but not everyone knows. so, SURPRISE!!

while his family still calls him matthew, myself and friends refer to him as matty, nugget or the nug. the nugget reference stems from his love for chicken nuggets and his body weight/height. he is a small lad, but a strong one at that. if you read his tweets or facebook status updates, you know he is an exercising fiend.

we met in college. the first movie we watched together was corky romano. he is a horrible driver. he has one of the most calm souls of anyone i know. he is the PICKIEST eater ever. he is quiet. he will be carded forever due to good genes.

he is the one that i depend on. the one that i can’t live without. while our personality types are polar opposites, we balance each other in such a way that everything makes sense. he keeps me in line. puts up with my ways and in turn has turned me into a better person.

i guess we are an interesting couple, which is evident by our nomination (cue shameless self promotion) of the top 10 most interesting couple’s on metromix.com. so as an anniversary present, you can vote for us HERE! if you love me, you can vote once every day for the next week.

p.s. – i have to thank our dear friend alexa for putting me up to this. thank you for being awesome.

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