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5 days of thanks

I really enjoy long weekends. Especially when they involve holidays that include stuffing your face with stuffing. *Random thought — why is there no restaurant establishment and/or chain named “That’s the Stuff” where all kinds and variations of stuffing are served, 24/7?

It was a very relaxing (yet busy) weekend filled with family and friends that never cease to amaze me. Let’s recap this bullet point style, yo!

Hopefully your holiday weekend was a cornucopia of awesomeness. If not, then make sure you party rock it out this Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa.

partio time!

the Luxe patio after dark.

spring has started out pretty rocky. and from the looks of it, more rain is on the way this week. but after basking in the sun at cropicana this past weekend, we all know summer is coming. and what does that mean? patio party time, of course!

it’s natural that we clevelanders want to spend every waking hour outdoors from the months of may through october. and we all want that perfect place to lounge with our bff’s while we nosh and slosh.

if you are looking for some high-grade quality patios, try out some of these lovely options…

  • Luxe – sustainably chic, nice shrubs, gnocchi
  • Reddstone – mature trees, ample seating, hip crowd
  • Washington Place Bistro & Inn – quaint, lush, romantic
  • Stone Mad – 100% stone, bubbling waterfall, oversized fireplace
  • Zinc Bistro – urban oasis, comfortable seating, prime downtown location
  • Taphouse – hops plants, amazing menu, trendy Tremont locale


i like my pumped up kicks

where did this week go?

my newly contracted allergies are hella annoying.

this weather has been excrutiating.

but ya know what? it’s all good. i have some left over potato gnocchi from Luxe by my side and i can actually see sunlight and blue sky out my window.

i also must share a song i first heard on sirius radio that immediately peeked my interest. it’s smooth, refreshing and incredibly uplifting. i want this song to play on repeat and magically fill the humid summer air as i ride my bike down the streets of CLE.

take a listen to ‘pumped up kicks’ by Foster The People. if you like it, you should mark your calendars for june 13th because they will be performing at the Grog Shop in cleveland heights.

disclaimer: pay no attention to the lyrics. i would like to think of this tune as a light-hearted, playful story of long lost friends reuniting at a beach party in the pacific northwest. unfortunately, this song is about a homicidal teenager (cue debbie downer).

can’t touch this solstice

the awe inspiring lights of the solstice party.

i keep repeating myself. it was another great weekend. it seems that since i started this little blog, every weekend thus far has been above average to excellent. however, these funductive (productive + fun) weekends have taken a toll on the pad. i reaaallly need to do some hardcore cleaning. my closet is ridic. not the good kind of ridic.

let’s chat about this past weekend. my friday night started at luxe with the usual detroit shoreway suspects. i cannot get enough of that patio. i believe we were the last ones to leave and i apologize to the staff who had to put up with our shenanigans. but i know you love us.

we later strolled a little north to reddstone where i had to order another turkey panini (which i had the previous tuesday). they recently updated their menu and i suggest you try it. the night was beautiful and one of the best things about living in the city is the abundance of super cool patios. def not as adequate as the “patios” at crocker park.

saturday consisted of the usual errands and the 2nd annual solstice party at the cleveland museum of art. this party is just going to get bigger and better. the crowd was magnificent. very cosmopolitan and incredibly cool. i would like to pre-order my tickets now for next year. and may i add a suggestion for next year’s music feast…passion pit would be an amazeballs option. they would fit right in. think about it cle museum of art. think about it.

spent sunday with the ski clan. visited the small town of rittman to pay my grandpa ski a visit at the ohio western reserve national cemetery. he past away this past december (worst december ever) and i miss him dearly. we also headed to holy cross cemetery to visit my grandpa fedak and uncle ross. of course i cried a little. i am a sensitive polish boy. not going to lie.

sunday night ended at bzone’s house for dinner and hilariousness. she is one of the many reasons why i love living in this neighborhood.

it’s a busy week ahead. i will talk to you kids later.

word of the day – simplicity

i was made in the 216

i can’t say it enough. and i don’t care if it starts to annoy you. i love living in cle. this past weekend was a blast. let’s recap.

friday night included yet another outing with the “party people” crew. the usual suspects were involved (the nug, robby, jeremiah and rick). lots of libation and lots of fun.

saturday started slow but i was pumped for the made in the 216 event. we began the afternoon in my hood at latitude 41 with robby for a goodbye breakfast. roberto is visiting the jolly old town of london and i am incredibly jealous.

in the evening, the beautiful dwags joined me and the nug for dinner at luxe. took a stroll to lakewood to the pop shop gallery for their $50 show. scored a fantastic skateboard piece. i highly recommend you get there as soon as the doors open. i would have bought at least 3 more pieces — if they weren’t already sold. afterwards, headed to made in the 216 and was very excited to see such a great turnout. once again — great artists and inspiration

home sweet home.

being part of the detroit shoreway revitalization has been similar to watching a child grow up. i feel like i am part of something special and i greatly admire the hard work that so many talented local ambassadors put into their communities. if i were to name names, i would be talking about matt zone and danielle deboe. you guys are truly incredible.

after dwags left, i had to make a pit stop at CPT for the final hurrah (aka dance party). the fabulous zone family (beth, matt, madelyn, etc.) were present as well as cle all-star jseabury (my tan-off competition). the party was a blast. i think i laughed about a million times. and the sweat was pouring in gallon increments (from dancing of course). one last stop was made at stone mad where i finally got to meet eileen, who owns this stunning jewel on 65th. if you haven’t seen this place (including the lower level bathrooms) you must go. the craftsmanship is unreal.

sunday funday was spent in youngstown with the stevens family. while i am not the biggest fan of ytown, i was excited to see the whole gang. plus, the food at the graduation party was pretty darn impressive.

so that was my weekend. i hope yours was amazeballs.

another busy week is ahead and tomorrow i will be attending the premiere of “hot in cleveland” hosted by tower city and positively cleveland. that should be a good time. and maybe this is one step closer to a potential cameo appearance. have your people call my people.

word of the day – nice

galleries and salsa

and another weekend is gone. who decided that it would only consist of two days? i am not a fan. it should def be increased to three days. the masses should vote on this issue. but who would we go to for this request? the president? god? mother nature? oprah? i don’t know, but something has to be done.

nonetheless, this past weekend was another good one. started friday out with a stop at luxe with neighbor-friend eric.

side bar – eric actually co-owns the urban infant with his sister. they specialize in earth-friendly baby wear and accessories. its pretty fantastic. you should go to there.

as always, dinner was good as well as that extra glass of wine i was accidentally served. after, we headed to robert maschke’s 1point618 gallery for his latest “hell and high water” opening. very colorful, interesting work. if you haven’t been to maschke’s gallery, you should. then traveled a little further west on detroit to wall eye gallery, which consisted of the most hipsters i have ever seen in one place. apparently the two bands performing that night brought the cle hipsters together. i did enjoy the first performance, but the second was well, different. before they performed they handed out ear plugs. not sure that’s the best way to market your music. which we listen too. with our ears. needless to say, it was fun.

eric in front of the new gordon square bus shelters. beautiful additions to the neighborhood!

saturday was fun-ish.

sunday ended on a nice note. met up with sbot and cinders for mexican at mi pueblo on lorain. there is something about that place that i like. not sure if it’s the gritty neighborhood or the keepin’ it real locals. good food. good margaritas. can’t complain.

mi pueblo margarita.

looking forward to cinco de mayo this week as well as next weekend’s festivities. boat drops in the water saturday. ahoy mates!

word of the day – fajita

spaces and cool faces

photo courtesy of photographer, frank miller.

this past friday night, nugget (i will explain the nug to you later) and I headed to spaces for their annual artmart opening. i was glad to see such a great showing of art enthusiasts and cle friends out and about. my neighbor/friend frank miller had some pieces in the show which included some cle scapes and a great lakes christmas ale bottle photo that sold in a flash. frank is quite the talented photographer, but he is also simply a terrific human being. also ran into too many people to mention who put the spaces events together. they really have a great crew at that gallery which was reason for me to start volunteering there for their annual benefit. the spaces annual benefit is a crazy good time and you should go. just saying.

we also met up with our friend kristy and her friend mel, who coincidentally lives in my hood. detroit shoreway shout out! after spaces we had dinner and drinks at luxe which never disappoints. if you have not been to luxe you should make it a point to go this spring/summer and be sure to sit on the patio. not only is this marlin kaplan creation beautiful, the service has always been exceptional in my past experiences.

the weekend also included a trip to crocker park, which is really quite torture for me. the only reason i go to that white bread palace is for urban outfitters, h&m, trader joe’s and apple. living in the city really makes you appreciate diversity. even if that may include the random crazy folk that occasionally make your day a little uncomfortable. i would take that over being surrounded by a&f drenched west side kids and their cookie cutter lifestyles. and they all look just the same.

word of the day – blob