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cause this city is my city

Driving into work this morning felt similar to a music video. The grey clouds broke way to let the blue sky and sun shine through on the skyline. At the same exact time, “This City” by Patrick Stump started to play on the radio (KISSFM).

I immediately thought about the great weekend I had just had, seeing friends and family, eating a “Sexy Burger” from Reddstone, chomping on frites from Lava Lounge, having good conversation with the bartender at Stone Mad Pub and having Sunday brunch at Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar.

My thoughts got a little deeper as I pondered about my life and all the good things that surround me. I won’t get into details, but in a nutshell, life is pretty good. And CLE is part of that reason. Though we have numerous issues, the heart of our city and its people (not talking about the naysayers, here) are strong. We have people who care and who are willing to put every ounce of energy into making our city a better place to live, work and play.

And like Patrick says, “I was born and raised here. I got it made here. And if I have my way, I’m gonna stay here.”

dear lava lounge. bring em’ back!

also known as "crack fries" - get in my belly!

i like happy hour. you like happy hour. we all like happy hour.

i know this is a petty request, but i must bring it up. after going to quite a few spots this past weekend including reddstone, flannery’s, touch supper club and bar cento, i am still a huge fan of the lava lounge happy hour (hh) menu. however, they recently have removed the lava dew martini from the hh menu and just this past week they have removed their delectable pomme frites which were included with their hh burger.

now correct me if i am wrong, but one must have fries with their burger. especially when their as delicious as the lava pomme frites. so if anyone is reading this who may have special pomme powers, please consider adding them back with the hh burger special.

plus, it’s valentine’s day and it would be a nice gesture.


burnin’ it up!

it’s getting hot in the erie shores. and my level of complaining has increased by 75% due to the high humidity levels and my ever lasting sweat glands. however, this makes for great beach weather.

i hope you had a safe and wonderful 4th of july weekend. let’s recap.

friday night started at lava lounge, which i still think has one of the best happy hour’s in the city. the night really got started once we hit hoopples for the plum’s big 3-0 bash. fireworks at the jake (i refuse to call it the pro) made a wonderful backdrop as photos of alexa throughout the years shined on the bridge above. i was a little disappointed that i was the ONLY one to wear a “cleveland’s a plum” shirt, but i think she got a little kick out of it. saw way too many friends to mention but it was definitely a good time.

nug, plum and me!

we finished the night off at the velvet tango room just up the street from hoopples. i cannot get enough of that place. but only in doses, due to the high-end cocktail fees. however, next time we pay a visit to the vtr, i can now whisper the secret password for access into the private area. ahhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaa!

saturday can only be described by viewing this video of my parent’s fireworks display in buzzard town (aka hinckley). more good times with family and friends.

it was a hot one on sunday and it got even hotter at bzone’s annual 4th of july party. the police shut the street down and the neighborhood literally blows up. i think every nationality is represented on this street and the fireworks are never ending. the night naturally ended in a dance party in the back yard. let’s be honest. what weekend night doesn’t end in a dance party?

me and puma

the scorching monday temps called for a beach day. it was truly a perfect summer day at the clifton beach club. i need to swim more often this summer. thank you kyle for the cbc vip treatment!

i need to blog more often. i feel like all of my posts are just weekend recaps. i promise i will get more interesting.

word of the day – aqua