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i still feel krusty

I am pretty sure I need to see a doctor. I have not been to one in probably 6+ years and I am pretty sure there are multiple things wrong with me. However, all of these self diagnosed concerns may simply be symptoms of seasonal allergies. Either way, I need to get something scheduled to see if I need surgery, drugs, therapy or all of the above.

I also may be recovering from this past weekend, which included the 20th annual Krusty’s Summer Sauce Camp at Whiskey Island. After a Friday night out at Bar Cento, Krusty’s on Saturday and a 5:00am triathlon on Sunday, I suppose one might feel a tad overworked. Next year I am going to try and get the CLE Triathlon moved to a non-Krusty’s weekend, but somehow I don’t see that happening.

After a very fun weekend, I only managed to get a couple photos but at least Metromix was there to capture a fantastic group shot. Why is it always so difficult to take a couple pictures. Oh wait, because my Droid Incredible has no battery life!


good thing this was taken before we were all drenched in sweat.

This one brings a smile to my face, because this may be the first time plum has sang karoeke in front of anyone! Thank you, Lakewood Village Tavern.


they were getting really into it.

Here’s to Tuesday. May all your tacos be crunchy.

give me everything

every year there are at least a dozen songs that fall into a summer anthem playlist. many of these tunes start to graze the airwaves in may and stay high on the charts through august. you may remember ‘sexy chick’ and ‘nothin’ on you’ from 2010 — definitely overplayed, yet still dancetastic.

last night i think i found my very first 2011 summer song. i hope to be dancing to this beat from memorial day weekend through labor day weekend, whether it be on a boat, on my patio or at krusty’s summer sauce camp.

bring on summer 2011!!!

a krusty crush

i am not sure why i have never been to krusty’s summer sauce camp before. my first experience was def a good one – and it was quite saucy.

top 5 reasons to attend krusty’s next year:

  1. people watching
  2. great live bands playing hip hop & r&b
  3. all you can eat/drink
  4. its for a good cause (malachi house)
  5. wonderful bonding time with friends
me, hartzel, plum and lzone in the woods.
the krusty crowd.


there are so many great events in cle in the summer and i am getting a little depressed that we’re verging on september. however, there is one party that you may not know about – the white party! the nug and i are starting to prep for our 2nd annual shindig on 9/18. mark your calendars! and if you have a wedding that day, make sure to stop by late night. i’m talking to you, rabbit.

one of my fav pics from last year's bash.
the dance floor.

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