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the bridge to wonderland

i am getting really excited for ingenuityfest this weekend. starting tomorrow, hundreds of artists, musicians and performers will gather on the lower level of the detroit superior bridge to create a magical, unique treat for the masses. and this year, the entire event is free!

if you have not been in the subway catacombs of the bridge, you must go simply to see this great urban space. combining the space with art, music, lighting, dance and technology really create quite a scene. walking across the span of the bridge is also a treat in itself. as you walk towards the middle, the steel grates you stand upon provide an intense (and frightening) view of the cuyahoga river below.

this year, a “lifeline waterfall” installation will create a very cool backdrop to the event. and since i am a huge fan of anything that has to do with water, i will most likely stand next to this installation for quite some time.

is it weird that i like running water? i remember as a young lad, i would make it a point to sneak into the bathroom when someone was showering and set a pillow and blanket on the floor. i would just lay there and often nap because i simply loved the sound. or maybe it’s just odd that i snuck into the bathroom when someone was showering. to this day i sometimes consider napping on the bathroom floor when i turn the shower faucet on. i know. i sound a little crazy.

the weather is looking pretty nice for the weekend, so make sure you visit the 2010 ingenuityfest!

under the bridge

the bridge project from 2009.

this year’s ingenuityfest will take place this septemeber 24-26th on the lower level of the veterans memorial bridge. you should probably go.

if you haven’t been to an ingenuityfest before, it can basically be described as an edgy, arts and music celebration with a little bit of crazy magic sprinkled about. some may consider some of the performances and events odd or maybe a little avant-garde, but that’s what it’s all about.

this year, they are incorporating a little preview party called speakeasy 2.0. this friday night you can choose between “the premier event” and the “skyline party” which will include performances, food, cocktails and dancing. for more information on this wonderful event, visit www.ingenuitycleveland.com/speakeasy.

and if you have not been to the lower level of the veterans memorial bridge, the venue itself is a reason to go. once you step down into the subway catacombs, you automatically feel like you shouldn’t be there — in a good way. it’s an amazeballs setting for just about anything. and when you combine the location with good music and dramatic lighting, you feel like you should be in a movie or some high-end vodka commercial. it def feels very cosmopolitan, while being gritty and raw at the same time. it’s hard to describe, which is why you just have to go to get the full experience!

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