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you make me feel…like dancing

It’s time for another one. Another song I can’t get out of my head. This one is from Cobra Starship (think “Good Girls Go Bad”) and features the adorable Sabi.

I basically would like to play this on a hot summer night on a random city rooftop while dancing till 3:00am. Who would like to join me? I will bring the jello shots and speakers.

Keep cool and have a great weekend!


ahi nama

after a very pleasant weekend of relaxation, rejuvenation and a little rampage, i have one more thing to add to my bucket list — SALSA. not the edible kind, but the cuban born dance form.

and since i already have taught myself other variations of dance including hip hop, crump and booty pops, i figured i should give ballroom a shot. but as far as i’m concerned, salsa seems to be on the more exciting and spicy side of ballroom dance. and i like spicy.

while listening to the rhythmic sounds at roseangel on saturday night, i really wanted to just pick a random mama sita and bust out some latin polish flavor on the dance floor. the temperature was roughly 900 degrees that night, which was most likely due to the amount of sexiness happening all around me. i really wanted to join in.

if you are interested in seeing some of the best CLE salsa dancers, i suggest you go to roseangel on any given saturday night. order a pitcher of sangria, get a table in the back, and enjoy the show. and if you would like to partake, let me know. who wants to be my salsa partner!?!

of course, i didn’t get any photos from the night, but you can view some here at TropicalCleveland (who hosts every saturday night dance party).

hip hop ya don’t stop

after running into gina (beautyfoodie) last week at battery park wine bar, i again realized my vast love for hip hop and r&b tuneage. i know some cannot stand the lyrics, redundancy of vocal runs, or low bass chords, but personally i cannot get enough of it — and neither can gina.

as we discussed some of our favorite artists and songs, one particular song always comes to mind because it simply oozes passion, love and sexiness. that song would be bed by j. holiday and if you have not heard of it before, i suggest you close your eyes, sit back and click the link below.

another song brought up in recent conversation is by the late, great aaliyah. this is my official summer anthem and i play it almost every single time i am on the boat in sandusky. rock the boat exudes this uber smooth groove that takes your hips to a whole other level. i mean, she literally tells us to “work the middle”. bow chica bow wow.

word of the day – drift