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the start to summa time

between patio prep, west 6th and cruising the waters of lake erie, my memorial day weekend was basically a repeat from last year. but the difference between last year and this year is a few new found realizations…

  • purchasing an electric power washer at a PSI of 1400 is not strong enough for your average concrete patio. if you want power, you need a gas powered behemoth with at least 2800 PSI.
  • when in a certain mindset (and/or intoxicated stage), clubs like Liquid/Suite Sixx/Ultra can be fun. but i would still prefer my d-sho, ohio city and tremont go-to’s.
  • boat maintenance and general upkeep is wicked annoying. it’s like having a a big wet baby. but the bathtub is 60 sextillion times larger (yes, i looked that statistic up).

i hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. here’s to the first week of june!


2 days of nye + 2 days of lazy

i truly felt like a grade school kid last night. i basically stumbled around the house and whined about the fact that i had to wake up early this morning. these childish actions were clearly spawned from the crazy good nye weekend i had. rewind it, flip it and reverse it!

thursday – a little shopping with the cousins at white bread crocker park, followed by a stop at tj’s butcher block in lakewood to pick up a slab of meat comparable in size to the one in the flintstone’s opening sequence, and closed the night off with a visit to reddstone for the new year’s eve eve holla days festival of awesomeness hosted by the lovely lzone and plum. shout out to new cle blogger, why cle? who was also in attendance.

friday – cleaning like a fool in preparation for our first progressive dinner party, which ended being a huge success. the night started at alexa’s where we had delicious cocktails and hearty apps of awesomeness. afterwards, the group headed to our place for the entree portion of the night. we served pork loin with winter fruits, port and bacon, green beans with almonds and pommes frites. the tour ended at hartzell’s where he served chocolate dipped fruits and goodies with a side of moscow mule. we toasted the new year at battery park wine bar and danced the night away in a sea of friends. perfection.

alexa and dom. besties.
table settings are sexy.
our little menu on a paper bag. cheap chic, yo.
love this pic.

saturday – sleep, sleep and more sleep. cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. dinner at the parkview nite club.

sunday – a whole lot of nothing.

word of the day – initiate

happy holla days!

a little blue and green on a skinny tree.

i was going to recap my past weekend, but it’s already thursday! but i will tell you that my visit to kalahari waterpark was a damn good time — even for grown adults. for future reference, if you are thinking of visiting the countries largest indoor waterpark, consider taking a little time off from work and go during the week. this will allow you more slippin’ and slidin’ time, due to the little ones away at school. and don’t forget to sip on a few cocktails at the adults only swim-up bar. but remember to take your wallet out of your bathing suit before you take that plunge.

tomorrow is christmas eve and i would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry christmas, happy hanukkah and happy kwanzaa. no matter how you celebrate the season, it really comes down to one thing — family & friends. it’s that one time of year when everyone comes together (or at least tries) in (hopeful) harmony, enjoying each other’s company while sharing love and laughs.

so think about all the things that you are grateful for instead of thinking of all the material things you want under your tree. all of my favorite memories don’t involve the gifts i received. they involve the people in my world that make me think to myself, “i have one hell of a fantastic life.”

so be merry! say i love you more. laugh your heart out. and don’t be a grinch.

word of the day – jolly

classics, yes?

stink. stank. stunk.

i was going to blog about some of the things i have done this week, but instead i would prefer to discuss movies. christmas movies, that is.

as i write this, a charlie brown christmas is on the boob tube and will i be reaching for the remote? hell, no! it’s one of the greatest holiday classics of all time.

while we all know the greats, consisting of it’s a wonderful life, miracle on 34th street, white christmas and our hometown fav, a christmas story, we also have seen more modern day films climbing there way into the classics category. this is starting to sound just like my holiday song post a couple weeks ago — sorry.

many friends and family members now consider elf one of their holiday favorites, and i must agree. will ferrell and his elftastic ways bring smiles and hearty laughter to the masses in this feel good flick.

one of my personal favorites has to be home alone, which always gets me into the spirit. oh, kevin mccallister…

and let’s not forget about the grinch. both the jim carey remake and original 1966 versions equally impress. you’re a mean one mr. grinch, but we still love you.

what is your fav holiday movie?

word of the day – fragile or fra-gee-lay

tis the season

as soon as santa strolls down 34th street in the macy’s thanksgiving day parade, the world knows one thing — it’s christmas time. while holiday carols used to annoy the jingle bells out of me (working in retail will do that to you), i have once again taken a liking to the classic sounds of iconic artists such as nat king cole and bing crosby.

while we are immersed in mostly classic holiday tunes recorded in a bygone era, pop culture has embraced a few new classics into the mix by some select pop stars of the 90’s and 00’s. one being the talented mariah carey. i know, i know. many of you may have fallen off the mc boat in recent years due to the ho ho ho train that hit her after her divorce. she def isn’t the angelic girl next door anymore but one must give her props for being one of the biggest selling artists of all time.

mc actually managed to create a new holiday classic in her first christmas album titled “all i want for christmas is you”. this song is everything a christmas song should be. and she is back at it this year with her new xmas album and first single, “oh, santa!”, which at first listen should be a huge hit this year.

lover or hater, you will most likely shake a stocking within the first ten seconds of this song. it’s quite catchy.

word of the day – yuletide

labor pains

now that is a pool party.

this weekend is (un)officially the last weekend of summer. in a way this makes me happy due to the absurd amount of 90+ degree weather we have had. however, this is also the end of all the fantastic spring/summer events in cle. while there is much to do in the fall and winter, there is now the absence of patio happy hour time.

you better make sure you use these last summer days with careful consideration. my recommendation? you should probably spend some time outside. go to the park or beach or simply sit in your backyard with your feet in a kiddie pool and a pina colada in your hand.

my weekend will consist of half wedding and half boating. it would be fun to combine the two, wouldn’t it? we would need a much larger boat. which i am totally not opposed too.

the weather will hopefully be satisfactory. if you do not yet have labor day weekend plans, you may want to consider the natural gas taste of cleveland (i know this is the sponsor, but really?), the burke lakefront air show or oktoberfest at the berea fairgrounds.

have a great weekend!

word of the day – breeze