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hip hop ya don’t stop

after running into gina (beautyfoodie) last week at battery park wine bar, i again realized my vast love for hip hop and r&b tuneage. i know some cannot stand the lyrics, redundancy of vocal runs, or low bass chords, but personally i cannot get enough of it — and neither can gina.

as we discussed some of our favorite artists and songs, one particular song always comes to mind because it simply oozes passion, love and sexiness. that song would be bed by j. holiday and if you have not heard of it before, i suggest you close your eyes, sit back and click the link below.

another song brought up in recent conversation is by the late, great aaliyah. this is my official summer anthem and i play it almost every single time i am on the boat in sandusky. rock the boat exudes this uber smooth groove that takes your hips to a whole other level. i mean, she literally tells us to “work the middle”. bow chica bow wow.

word of the day – drift


beat up that beat

so i was driving home this afternoon from work, naturally singing with a little bit of seat grooving, when i realized that i basically listen to mostly hip-hop, r&b and rap music. i mean, i really listen to a little bit of everything but in the recent months it’s been a whole lot of funky beats and sweet soul. actually, the more that i think about it, i really have been listening to this genre of music for years. a part of me really wishes i could sing. when i hear the voices of ne-yo, robin thicke, bobby valentino, j. holiday and trey songz i can’t help but belt it out with them. now my voice is absolutely horrible, but i don’t care. but it’s more than that. it’s those damn catchy beats that really make you shake your head, tap your feet or bounce that booty. which leads me to another reason why i like this type of music so much — dancing! i am not afraid to do it. i know some of you have seen me in action. i do like to dance and i actually think i am pretty good at it for a white boy.

what is your favorite type of music? have a favorite artist? what about your favorite song?

currently, i am obsessed with “nothing on you” by b.o.b. and “tie me down” by the new boyz.

word of the day – perculator