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bar + kitchen x 2 = happyincle

photo courtesy of Downie Photography

We all like bars. We all like kitchens. These two things equal intoxicating libations and delicious food, consequently leading to good times.

We also know how fast our food scene has become in the last 5 years and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. This is a good thing for all of us who enjoy supporting local talent, eating good food and never stepping foot in chain restaurants.

I am happy to see two more “bar+kitchen” establishments coming to our lovely city. Let’s give a big CLE welcome to Spice Kitchen+Bar and Black Dog Kitchen & Bar!

Late next week, the founders of Spice of Life Catering Co. will open their first restaurant at 5800 Detroit Avenue in the D-Sho (Detroit-Shoreway) neighborhood. Located in the former Snickers/Cheddars/Crazy Mac’s/La Boca/Roseangel/La Boca space, Spice Kitchen+Bar will feature local, seasonally-inspired food and drink. Not only will this location serve as a hip restaurant, but guests will also have the opportunity to purchase prepared foods at the storefront. But there’s more! Spice will also feature their very own gardens, filled with ingredients which will ultimately end up in your savory meal. And to top it off, guests will also be able to enjoy a future rooftop patio over-looking Lake Erie.

Another new eatery is on it’s way — but we’ll have to wait a little while longer before we step foot in this restaurant. There isn’t much information online, but once Black Dog Kitchen & Bar starting following me on Twitter, I had to do a little digging. No exact location has been set, but Black Dog Kitchen & Bar is slated to open this June/July in Ohio City. From my understanding, they will feature modern American grub with an emphasis on creative tacos, burgers and sandwiches. Make sure to check out their initial menu on their Facebook page.

Here’s to more great food in our fantastic city! Let’s go 2012!




cause this city is my city

Driving into work this morning felt similar to a music video. The grey clouds broke way to let the blue sky and sun shine through on the skyline. At the same exact time, “This City” by Patrick Stump started to play on the radio (KISSFM).

I immediately thought about the great weekend I had just had, seeing friends and family, eating a “Sexy Burger” from Reddstone, chomping on frites from Lava Lounge, having good conversation with the bartender at Stone Mad Pub and having Sunday brunch at Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar.

My thoughts got a little deeper as I pondered about my life and all the good things that surround me. I won’t get into details, but in a nutshell, life is pretty good. And CLE is part of that reason. Though we have numerous issues, the heart of our city and its people (not talking about the naysayers, here) are strong. We have people who care and who are willing to put every ounce of energy into making our city a better place to live, work and play.

And like Patrick says, “I was born and raised here. I got it made here. And if I have my way, I’m gonna stay here.”

a happy(inCLE) anniversary

i totally missed my one year blog anniversary. i knew i started this thing last april, but didn’t realize that april 7th was my official start date! over the past month i have been brainstorming ideas for happyinCLE. a little makeover is currently in the works. change is good and i think the logo and graphics could use a good kick in the a*#.

another thought i had involved the general content of this here online word vomit station. i know most blogs are basically formulated web diaries, but i feel like i need a ‘thing’. i don’t know what that thing is and don’t know if it will ever rear its head, but i am open to suggestions.

and finally, i have been contemplating the use of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. howev, this transformation would be totes ridic.

my first change is not exactly visible to the naked eye, but it will (hopefully) make some impact on the planet. that’s right, happyinCLE is going green. i have switched my web hosting provider to Canvas Dreams, which is an amazing eco-friendly company that uses renewable wind power generated at wind farms in the pacific northwest. they also plant a tree for every new customer — sustainaballs!

and in spirit, i would like to continue the green theme by giving a lucky winner a $50 gift certificate to The Greenhouse Tavern. i thought it would be nice to give the people (and by people, i mean the 8 human beings that read this blog) a little somethin’ somethin’.

to win the gift certificate, please comment on this post by expressing your love for CLE. what makes you happyinCLE? i will announce the winner this friday, april 15th. good luck!

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