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partio time!

the Luxe patio after dark.

spring has started out pretty rocky. and from the looks of it, more rain is on the way this week. but after basking in the sun at cropicana this past weekend, we all know summer is coming. and what does that mean? patio party time, of course!

it’s natural that we clevelanders want to spend every waking hour outdoors from the months of may through october. and we all want that perfect place to lounge with our bff’s while we nosh and slosh.

if you are looking for some high-grade quality patios, try out some of these lovely options…

  • Luxe – sustainably chic, nice shrubs, gnocchi
  • Reddstone – mature trees, ample seating, hip crowd
  • Washington Place Bistro & Inn – quaint, lush, romantic
  • Stone Mad – 100% stone, bubbling waterfall, oversized fireplace
  • Zinc Bistro – urban oasis, comfortable seating, prime downtown location
  • Taphouse – hops plants, amazing menu, trendy Tremont locale


what day is it?

don’t you ever wonder how all of these unconventional, non-traditional days just ended up on our calendar? who exactly originated these colloquial expressions? why am i using words like colloquial?

this particular subject arose the other night while having dinner at happy dog. we obviously had dogs for dinner and it just so happened to be wednesday, so naturally i deemed the night ‘weiner wednesday’. do restaurants, bars or hot dog shops ever use this as a promotional tactic?

let’s explore the other days of the week, shall we?

monday – manic monday (thank you, bangles)

tuesday – taco tuesday (yum)

wednesday – hump day (need i explain?)

thursday – thirsty thursday (happy hour time)

friday – freaky friday (not sure people even use this)

saturday – super saturday (think retail/big sales)

sunday – sunday funday (an enjoyably intoxicating way to end the weekend)

what else can we come up with? currently i am thinking we need a ‘macaroni monday’ and a ‘falafel friday’…

word of the day – colloquial (duh)

alphabet soup

i should be discussing how terrific my weekend was, but i am currently watching glee (this jamie foxx “blame it” rendition is ridic) and my head is in a totally heavenly mindset at the moment. i just signed a lease on a new car, jump back ball is this weekend and i also just received some other exciting news.

but i will tell you that xyz the tavern is awesome (so is abc tavern). the cleveland museum of natural history is actually very interesting. mama santa’s pizza is the best. viva italia at our lady of mt. carmel should be on your bucket list. and the big egg is really not that big of a deal.

minus losing all of my contacts on my cell and cleaning up a huge leaky mess at the loft, i would say it was an A- weekend.

i feel like i have way too much to talk about but i think i will have to break them up into separate posts. more to come.

the only photo i have from the weekend. say hi matt and michelle!

word of the day – deal

dear lava lounge. bring em’ back!

also known as "crack fries" - get in my belly!

i like happy hour. you like happy hour. we all like happy hour.

i know this is a petty request, but i must bring it up. after going to quite a few spots this past weekend including reddstone, flannery’s, touch supper club and bar cento, i am still a huge fan of the lava lounge happy hour (hh) menu. however, they recently have removed the lava dew martini from the hh menu and just this past week they have removed their delectable pomme frites which were included with their hh burger.

now correct me if i am wrong, but one must have fries with their burger. especially when their as delicious as the lava pomme frites. so if anyone is reading this who may have special pomme powers, please consider adding them back with the hh burger special.

plus, it’s valentine’s day and it would be a nice gesture.


it’s hip to be a square

i used to make fun of foursquare. i used to make fun of the early adopters who began using foursquare. and now i have found myself slightly obsessed with this little game that has turned into a pretty hot commodity.

while some may consider this social media app stalker-esque, i find it to be more of a convenience.

for example:

last week i had dinner at dragonfly lounge, checked-in and received a free miso soup with the special offer via foursquare.

two days ago, i checked into dragonfly again (which was supposed to place me at the mayorship title and i failed because of that damn andrew s.) and another friend texted me because she saw my check-in while she was at the old angle tavern across the street. now some may find this a little creepy, but this could have been a missed opportunity to hang out with a friend if she hadn’t seen my foursquare check-in.

consequently, i have also been coordinating happy hours and dinners at places i frequent in the hopes of becoming mayor. is this sad? i think it may be. but for those of you also addicted to foursquare, you probably are on my side.

word of the day – badge

deagan’s, BPWB, great lakes, dragonfly, plum’s and lava

due to the heavy amount of social activities last week surrounding my 24th 25th 26th birthday, i def neglected this here blog. that said, i must provide a review/commentary of all the places i visited over the past week. let’s go!

  • Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar – after hearing so many good reviews via word-of-mouth and the internets, i decided to make deagan’s my official bday dinner spot. my entire immediate family was present, including nugget, who once again created a personal greeting card for my enjoyment (i have received personally designed cards from nug since 2003, which should be a whole separate post). i decided to go the small plate route, which ended up being more food than i could handle. i ordered the brussel sprouts, moroccan meatballs and peking duck confit mac-n-cheese, all of which were served piping hot. we were not disappointed one bit. i can’t wait to go back for 1/2 off wine monday and taco tuesday. who is coming with!?!
  • Battery Park Wine Bar (BPWB) – to complete my bday evening, nug, moe and i trotted over to bpwb for a couple glasses of champagne. aside from the flavorful apps and flatbreads, they really provide you with a heavy pour, which is always welcomed. i can’t say enough about that staff as well — so incredibly kind. they even threw in a free glass for my special day. this place is seriously becoming my fav new cle hangout.
  • Great Lakes Brewing Company – a little beer accompanied a productive aaf meeting with the 32 below group. can’t go wrong with a little burning river ale.
  • Dragonfly Lounge – with lzone in hand, i was treated to a post bday dinner at this very sexy ohio city spot. having gone a few times prior, this time was a little different because the house kitchen now offers a full menu, consisting mainly of sushi and red meat. lzone ordered an array of sushi and i ordered the delmonico steak with demi glaze and bacon lardons, baked potato and asparagus with hollandaise. i also received a free miso soup, complements of the foursquare check-in!
  • Plum’s Palace – while this isn’t a legit dining establishment, one may disagree. after this past nye as well as this past friday night, i have come to the conclusion that alexa can actually cook! included in her spread was a mandarin orange and almond salad, au gratin potatoes, curry chicken lettuce wraps and pork tenderloin sandwiches. the meal was terrific. the company was even better. and i love living across the street from my sweet plum.
  • Lava Lounge – after waking up at 1:30 pm (so what, who cares?) and cleaning most of the day, i needed some grub. so nug and i headed to one of our fav tremont locations for their addictive pomme frites, cheese burgers and lava dew martinis. i am pretty sure its the sweet red onion jam and havarti cheese that make this burger so freakin’ delicious. it is truly the only burger i order in the city.

another busy week is ahead and i already have multiple dinner plans on the agenda. sometimes i wonder if i should not buy a new car and just keep that monthly payment to put towards my cle dining addiction. ehh…

word of the day – palette

cute kids + vino + restaurant news = good weekend

it’s only a 3-day work week! holler!

this past friday started right out the gate with littles. aunt di and i headed to the montessori school at holy rosary church in little italy to see henry in king midas. henry of course played the part of king midas and the kids did an excellent job. could you imagine if everything you touched turned to gold? if i was to choose anything, everything i touched would become an aston martin.

afterwards, the nug met up with us in tremont at lava lounge. lava dew martini’s accompanied good conversation and a never disappointing crowd. my foursquare mayorship is right around the corner, baby.

we ended at the newly opened battery park wine bar. the place looked great and there was not a seat empty as we arrived. one suggestion to the owner would be to purchase more tables and chairs for placement in that gap between the bar and entrance. there is totally more room to seat more patrons!

while we were there we ran into our friends selena and jill. we soon found out some exciting cle restaurant news as jill has signed on as executive chef at rockefeller’s in cle heights. scene magazine wrote a nice little article in wednesday’s “bites” section. so happy and excited for you jill — cannot wait for the grand opening!

saturday consisted mostly of cleaning, which is always tons of anti-fun. however, some joebro time made the day more exciting. lzone and i were thoroughly entertained babysitting joey who tugs at my heart strings so much that i’m actually thinking twice about having a little rascal of my own one day.

custom joey chair. so you fancy, huh?

sunday brought forth more cleaning and breakfast for dinner. deeeelicious.

word of the day – syrup

a whacky, wonderful week

whoaaa…what a week! between a busy work schedule, board meetings and happy hours, i have not had a chance to blog. i guess this is a good thing and a bad thing.

did you realize that christmas is only 6 months away!?! i hate to put that out there, but let’s be honest — time is precious, so spend it wisely.

i was going to blog about something interesting/philosophical today but again, time is a wasting and tonight is moe kyle’s 30th birthday! should be a good time tonight at the speakeasy at bier markt.

a fun weekend awaits. i will be back next week for some better blog posts. i promise!

word of the day – wicked