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happy halloween, you guys

I almost forgot the password for WordPress¬†to add this post. That’s how long it’s been since I last blogged. What are you going to do…life has been busy.

In the spirit of Halloween, please enjoy the best, most thrilling song/video ever created by none other than Michael Jackson.

Happy Halloween!!!

a creepy good time

this past halloween was one of the best ever. period. let’s re-trick-or-treat.

friday – work party complete with scavenger hunt and the premiere of “hallowiener”. dinner at happy dog with nug and neighbor moe, with yet another delicious dog (fried egg included). the night got a little hairy (pun intended) with a wig cutting party in preparation for our¬†halloween costumes. the night ended with a random karaoke session in which moe and i recorded a little hip-hop and gaga. much laughter was had. i am def going to post our renditions in the near future.

saturday – the usual shopping excursions. quick stop at moe’s surprise birthday party/halloween party. ended with timmy b’s 10th annual extravaganza at harbor inn which was insanely fun. way too many pictures were taken and some can be seen here on the plums blog. nug and i went as bieber nation and while i thought we had a good chance of getting beat up, numerous amounts of strangers wanted their picture taken with the biebs. it’s actually quite scary how similar the wardrobe is between the nug and bieber.

bieber nation

sunday – annual halloween dinner at aunt debbie and cousin leah’s house, which never disappoints. had way too much food and way too many laughs with the family. i really wish i had taken pictures of my dad who wore a gigantic duck suit. the neighborhood kids loved it as well as the adults. i must say, that part of old brooklyn is so nice. it def feels like a little bit of suburbia in the city.

the best halloween display in the south hills hood of cle!

this week is already flying by. i am trying to get as much done as possible because i will be waking up at 2:00 am thursday for a flight to mexico! let’s hope the sun it out upon arrival. daddy wants some beach time!

word of the day – luggage

it’s a scary decision

i think most everyone finds this chore difficult. it creeps up on us every year. you probably go through a million ideas in your head. what will get the most laughs? what will make people hysterically uncomfortable? what will scare the living daylights out of friends and family? what will you be for halloween?

dino-mite! even when i was a young child, i would throw my hands up in the air sometimes.

over the years, i have been random things such as a refrigerator magnet, teenage mutant ninja turtle, dinosaur, paper weight and “when sh*t hits the fan”. as of late, i am thinking of going in the current trends route for 2010. i have some ideas and i may just go for the easy, maybe expected option depending on who you ask.

what are you going to be for halloween this year?


as a side note, voting is still underway for the metromixmost interesting cleveland couples” contest. nug and i are currently only at 9% of the votes, so please vote HERE! it’s not like we have to win. i would just prefer to not be in the bottom 5. we have to represent!

word of the day – thrill