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happy holla days!

a little blue and green on a skinny tree.

i was going to recap my past weekend, but it’s already thursday! but i will tell you that my visit to kalahari waterpark was a damn good time — even for grown adults. for future reference, if you are thinking of visiting the countries largest indoor waterpark, consider taking a little time off from work and go during the week. this will allow you more slippin’ and slidin’ time, due to the little ones away at school. and don’t forget to sip on a few cocktails at the adults only swim-up bar. but remember to take your wallet out of your bathing suit before you take that plunge.

tomorrow is christmas eve and i would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry christmas, happy hanukkah and happy kwanzaa. no matter how you celebrate the season, it really comes down to one thing — family & friends. it’s that one time of year when everyone comes together (or at least tries) in (hopeful) harmony, enjoying each other’s company while sharing love and laughs.

so think about all the things that you are grateful for instead of thinking of all the material things you want under your tree. all of my favorite memories don’t involve the gifts i received. they involve the people in my world that make me think to myself, “i have one hell of a fantastic life.”

so be merry! say i love you more. laugh your heart out. and don’t be a grinch.

word of the day – jolly

thanks and more thanks

gobble gobble, yo.

happy thanksgiving everyone!

i know it’s extremely cliche as millions of people tweet, blog and facebook status update the things they are thankful for on this thanksgiving thankful thursday, but i also must join in with the masses.

the things i am thankful for this year…

the nug (obvi)

my friends and family that surround me with their love, laughter and advice

the city that i live in and continue to support in every way possible


new restaurants

modern family (it is the best new show on tv)

impromptu dance parties

glad press ‘n seal

word of the day – stuffing

a creepy good time

this past halloween was one of the best ever. period. let’s re-trick-or-treat.

friday – work party complete with scavenger hunt and the premiere of “hallowiener”. dinner at happy dog with nug and neighbor moe, with yet another delicious dog (fried egg included). the night got a little hairy (pun intended) with a wig cutting party in preparation for our halloween costumes. the night ended with a random karaoke session in which moe and i recorded a little hip-hop and gaga. much laughter was had. i am def going to post our renditions in the near future.

saturday – the usual shopping excursions. quick stop at moe’s surprise birthday party/halloween party. ended with timmy b’s 10th annual extravaganza at harbor inn which was insanely fun. way too many pictures were taken and some can be seen here on the plums blog. nug and i went as bieber nation and while i thought we had a good chance of getting beat up, numerous amounts of strangers wanted their picture taken with the biebs. it’s actually quite scary how similar the wardrobe is between the nug and bieber.

bieber nation

sunday – annual halloween dinner at aunt debbie and cousin leah’s house, which never disappoints. had way too much food and way too many laughs with the family. i really wish i had taken pictures of my dad who wore a gigantic duck suit. the neighborhood kids loved it as well as the adults. i must say, that part of old brooklyn is so nice. it def feels like a little bit of suburbia in the city.

the best halloween display in the south hills hood of cle!

this week is already flying by. i am trying to get as much done as possible because i will be waking up at 2:00 am thursday for a flight to mexico! let’s hope the sun it out upon arrival. daddy wants some beach time!

word of the day – luggage

bubba love

it’s already tuesday.

i have been very easily distracted lately. i am not even going to get into the details of my weekend. my family trip to chicago and milwaukee was amazeballs, though. you can see photos on facebook if you are curious.

but i would like to introduce you to my uncle danny (bubba). he is a staple on the fedak side of the family (mom’s side). there are 10 kids total and he may be is the funniest.

uncle danny has downs syndrome. some people seem to find that to be an uncomfortable topic. some even find it difficult to communicate/socialize with a person who has this disorder. i don’t get that.

in our family, we treat him like everyone else. it’s been that way since the day he was born and i think it has made him into a very smart cookie. while uncle danny is not entirely self-sufficient, he can definitely hold is own.

he likes to entertain and is always the social butterfly at every gathering. he will make you laugh until you cry. and we love him dearly.

don’t “beat my butt” uncle danny, but i have to post this video from sunday. it’s too funny. and let’s be honest – you like the attention.

this sun is sick (in a good way)

i have always found it strange that i don’t see hardly enough people spending time outside in the summer in cle. the typical clevelander complains about everything, specifically the winter weather months. and then when it gets really nice out (like the last 2 months) it seems that those same people do not take advantage of the outdoors. what’s wrong with you people!?

anyways, my weekend was fantastic for the most part and i am getting nervous that target already has the school supplies out in full mode. friday night started with a quick bite to eat at the diner on clifton with the nug. we then headed to the cleveland yacht club for the regatta party, which was a boat load of fun (pun intended). kyle, larger, puma, tiger, nug and i had a good old time and in typical late night fashion, broke it down on the dance floor. the reggae band was jamaican me crazy and so were those straw hats.

nug, me and puma (how odd does nug's arm look?)
puma is the captain. kyle is the pirate.

saturday started nice and slow but in the evening i joined my parents, aunt dana and uncle john in westlake. yes, i know. i do not travel outside cle proper very often. however, we did go to moosehead for dinner and i must say that their patio is pretty freakin’ nice. the sandwich list on their menu is also absurdly large and delightful.

we then headed to the savannah (for 5 minutes) for some jazz but it really wasn’t happening for us at the moment. ended up at around the corner in lakewood for some more family bonding.

the weekend ended with a much needed brainstorm/script development/video shoot for the little project nug, alexa, lisa and i have been working on. look out for the premiere on tuesday night after the finale of the hills!

lzone playing director.

and p.s. – i got a smart phone! if you read my blog post about 2 months ago, you can now say iHave one! well, not an iPhone, but a droid incredible. now i can waste spend more time on the social media waves, including the ever addictive foursquare.

word of the day – bubbles