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happy(er) in NYC?

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I love Cleveland. I really do. But lately I have really been wondering what my life would have been like if I would have moved to New York City straight out of college.

I have no doubt that our city is on an upward cycle, as evident in the recent Yahoo article: The Return of the Comeback City. However, we have a LONG way to go. Our city is not as progressive as most, we are surrounded by people (young and old, suburban and urban) who are disgustingly closed-minded and our greatest natural resource has still yet to be developed upon. Our city cannot even keep our only major lakefront park clean, updated and aesthetically beautiful as it should be.

Sometimes I wish I would wake up tomorrow, in a small loft apartment in Manhattan that has just enough space for my personal belongings and CB2 essentials. I would then prepare myself for the day, shut the door, put my shades on and walk to my place of business, which would most likely consist of some small boutique shop or large powerhouse advertising agency. After a long day of work, the night would begin with dinner and shenanigans at any one of 4,200 restaurants in the city, followed by additional stops and more shenanigans. Weekends would be spent enjoying shows, museums, world-class shopping, gallery openings, concerts and off-beat parties.

Now, I am extremely grateful for everything that I have in my current phase of life, but my mind has been on this “what if” state and it won’t go away. This may be just a part of getting older, as you sit back and dissect every aspect of your life and wonder why you didn’t do this or why you haven’t done that.

I think it is time for a long weekend trip to NYC. Maybe I just need a little time there to realize how good life is here in CLE. Or, maybe I will realize how much better life is in NYC.


the sky life

i only blogged once last week! i have been busy, but that is no excuse.

i am not going to spit out everything that i have been doing in the past week, so i am dedicating this post to the sky.

yes, i said the sky. why? because it’s damn beautiful! and i have had a slight obsession with snapping photos of that amazing celestial sphere. please enjoy the following photos…

a golden rainbow. but no gold to be found on either end.
a ray of light.
is that a sunset or an explosion?
a bit stormy.
power lines at dusk.

word of the day – surreal

a dose of reality

so episode 1 of “the flats” is complete. it did turn out quite well i think. we’re not sure how many of these we are going to create, but hopefully episode 2 will be finished in the next couple weeks.

i think i need to make a statement here as well. we are simply having fun with this little project. we aren’t professional actors. we are young urban professionals that thought this would be a hilarious parody series. we just want to prove that the city of cle can be just as cool, fun and cosmopolitan as any other big, flashy city.

the story lines may or may not have anything to do with our real life situations, but that doesn’t matter. again, it’s about having fun! so please enjoy and don’t be a hater. yes, i am talking to you “u2norton” on youtube.

cle is the paris of ohio

of course it's hot in cle. our river was on flames at one point.

i have come to the conclusion that tuesday is the worst day of the week. think about it. it is.

however, this past tuesday was the best tuesday ever. i was invited to a vip party for the premiere of tvland’s “hot in cleveland” by the lovely schwan schwan. the plum and lzone also joined along with some more plum friends and 33.3% of the board of love (the bol will be discussed in a later post).

now i could discuss the entire night with you but it would be ridiculously similar to the plum’s blog post today. i was with her the whole night and she beat me to the punch. so please visit clevelandsaplum.com for the captivating sequence of events (and funny photos).

it’s been another busy week and i would like to bring up my dinner from last night. lzone and i went to touch supper club and if you have only been for dj events, you must try the food. i highly suggest the “pork and pork” and the mac n’ cheese. you will be craving more the next day. believe me.

can’t wait for the weekend. it’s father’s day on sunday so make sure to give your pops some props.

this weekend is also the solstice party at the cleveland museum of art. last year (the first solstice party) i did not attend, but i am not missing out this year after hearing how wonderful it was. cannot wait!

word of the day – guest

i was made in the 216

i can’t say it enough. and i don’t care if it starts to annoy you. i love living in cle. this past weekend was a blast. let’s recap.

friday night included yet another outing with the “party people” crew. the usual suspects were involved (the nug, robby, jeremiah and rick). lots of libation and lots of fun.

saturday started slow but i was pumped for the made in the 216 event. we began the afternoon in my hood at latitude 41 with robby for a goodbye breakfast. roberto is visiting the jolly old town of london and i am incredibly jealous.

in the evening, the beautiful dwags joined me and the nug for dinner at luxe. took a stroll to lakewood to the pop shop gallery for their $50 show. scored a fantastic skateboard piece. i highly recommend you get there as soon as the doors open. i would have bought at least 3 more pieces — if they weren’t already sold. afterwards, headed to made in the 216 and was very excited to see such a great turnout. once again — great artists and inspiration

home sweet home.

being part of the detroit shoreway revitalization has been similar to watching a child grow up. i feel like i am part of something special and i greatly admire the hard work that so many talented local ambassadors put into their communities. if i were to name names, i would be talking about matt zone and danielle deboe. you guys are truly incredible.

after dwags left, i had to make a pit stop at CPT for the final hurrah (aka dance party). the fabulous zone family (beth, matt, madelyn, etc.) were present as well as cle all-star jseabury (my tan-off competition). the party was a blast. i think i laughed about a million times. and the sweat was pouring in gallon increments (from dancing of course). one last stop was made at stone mad where i finally got to meet eileen, who owns this stunning jewel on 65th. if you haven’t seen this place (including the lower level bathrooms) you must go. the craftsmanship is unreal.

sunday funday was spent in youngstown with the stevens family. while i am not the biggest fan of ytown, i was excited to see the whole gang. plus, the food at the graduation party was pretty darn impressive.

so that was my weekend. i hope yours was amazeballs.

another busy week is ahead and tomorrow i will be attending the premiere of “hot in cleveland” hosted by tower city and positively cleveland. that should be a good time. and maybe this is one step closer to a potential cameo appearance. have your people call my people.

word of the day – nice

hot in cleveland

i had a good weekend and i hope you did too. instead of giving you a recap, i would rather talk about betty white. after watching snl last night (dvr is my best friend), i have come to conclusion that betty is probably one of the coolest people on earth. i am sure she doesn’t know it. and thats a good thing. because the truly cool people of the world don’t know that they are even categorized as being cool. ok, i am saying “cool” too much. you get the point.

we all know snl may bust out a couple laugh out loud skits per episode, with the rest being ridiculous (not the good ridiculous), but this week was different. i think most every sketch had at least one or two hysterical moments. although, with an adorably naughty 88.5 year-old icon at the helm, how could they go wrong? i will admit, i am not the most familiar with betty’s career. i didn’t watch the mary tyler moore show very often and never really got on the golden girls bandwagon. but i do know that she has had quite the hollywood adventure. you cannot help but love this woman. and i think snl (with the help of facebook) just lifted betty even higher up the pedestal. she was always on it, but she has def risen a few notches.

with her popularity currently soaring, i have recently read the news of her new sitcom on tv land. after reading a few articles, it sounds promising, but i am obviously in love with the fact that it is titled, “hot in cleveland.” i really hope the writers/producers bring cle into the limelight with more good representations than bad. we all know how that can go. and while I am at it, I would like to extend my services to the producers. how about a small role in an upcoming episode? maybe just an extra? either way, i am excited for this new series and it will hopefully be on the dvr list. and with betty on board, i am thinking it will be.

please enjoy the unaired “bronx beat” sketch below. i know by now you prob have seen most of the night’s fav moments on hulu.

word of the day – noodle