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the start to summa time

between patio prep, west 6th and cruising the waters of lake erie, my memorial day weekend was basically a repeat from last year. but the difference between last year and this year is a few new found realizations…

  • purchasing an electric power washer at a PSI of 1400 is not strong enough for your average concrete patio. if you want power, you need a gas powered behemoth with at least 2800 PSI.
  • when in a certain mindset (and/or intoxicated stage), clubs like Liquid/Suite Sixx/Ultra can be fun. but i would still prefer my d-sho, ohio city and tremont go-to’s.
  • boat maintenance and general upkeep is wicked annoying. it’s like having a a big wet baby. but the bathtub is 60 sextillion times larger (yes, i looked that statistic up).

i hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. here’s to the first week of june!


the sky life

i only blogged once last week! i have been busy, but that is no excuse.

i am not going to spit out everything that i have been doing in the past week, so i am dedicating this post to the sky.

yes, i said the sky. why? because it’s damn beautiful! and i have had a slight obsession with snapping photos of that amazing celestial sphere. please enjoy the following photos…

a golden rainbow. but no gold to be found on either end.
a ray of light.
is that a sunset or an explosion?
a bit stormy.
power lines at dusk.

word of the day – surreal

hot brown


another weekend recap? not this time. although, i will tell you that my 4-day weekend was quite enjoyable. most of the time was spent in the sun, rotating between the pool, beach and boat. oh, and we can’t forget the mandatory visit to mon ami. it never disappoints.

and now to the gist of this post. does the sun scare you? do you protect yourself from its harmful rays or could you care less?

i enjoy basking in it and it is obvious by the color of my skin. but when is it time to stop soaking it in? how dark is too dark?

currently, i could probably pass as sicilian or lebanese, but i really have to stop at some point. i would like to avoid looking like a piece of old, worn, brown leather luggage.

word of the day – relish

this sun is sick (in a good way)

i have always found it strange that i don’t see hardly enough people spending time outside in the summer in cle. the typical clevelander complains about everything, specifically the winter weather months. and then when it gets really nice out (like the last 2 months) it seems that those same people do not take advantage of the outdoors. what’s wrong with you people!?

anyways, my weekend was fantastic for the most part and i am getting nervous that target already has the school supplies out in full mode. friday night started with a quick bite to eat at the diner on clifton with the nug. we then headed to the cleveland yacht club for the regatta party, which was a boat load of fun (pun intended). kyle, larger, puma, tiger, nug and i had a good old time and in typical late night fashion, broke it down on the dance floor. the reggae band was jamaican me crazy and so were those straw hats.

nug, me and puma (how odd does nug's arm look?)
puma is the captain. kyle is the pirate.

saturday started nice and slow but in the evening i joined my parents, aunt dana and uncle john in westlake. yes, i know. i do not travel outside cle proper very often. however, we did go to moosehead for dinner and i must say that their patio is pretty freakin’ nice. the sandwich list on their menu is also absurdly large and delightful.

we then headed to the savannah (for 5 minutes) for some jazz but it really wasn’t happening for us at the moment. ended up at around the corner in lakewood for some more family bonding.

the weekend ended with a much needed brainstorm/script development/video shoot for the little project nug, alexa, lisa and i have been working on. look out for the premiere on tuesday night after the finale of the hills!

lzone playing director.

and p.s. – i got a smart phone! if you read my blog post about 2 months ago, you can now say iHave one! well, not an iPhone, but a droid incredible. now i can waste spend more time on the social media waves, including the ever addictive foursquare.

word of the day – bubbles

that’s not my name

due me at the sandbar.

another enjoyable weekend has past. it was fun. wish it would have lasted just a little longer, but the next one will be here before we know it.

with many festivities already set in place for this summer, i do hope to get on the boat more often than last year. it’s sad to say, but going to the marina has almost become a chore (never thought i would say that).

needless to say, i do enjoy it very much and hope to own my own vessel one day (preferably co-owning with the rents or brothers). note to self – if you are ever interested in owning a boat, co-ownership would be a good option.

and if you do end up with a floating piece of fiberglass (or wood), one crucial decision is the name. this is an issue in the ski family. our current cruiser was owned by a lawyer in kentucky, which doesn’t really provide any meaning or rationale in his decision to name the 34 foot silverton, “due me”.

yea. you would think my parents would have changed that 4 years ago when we bought this one, right? it’s embarrassing and there is always need for explanation when someone asks. we brainstormed options a couple years ago and yet we still have not changed her name. i believe some of our picks were ohana, after 5 and dockski (i just came up with that one). needless to say, we need to change it. now.

however, i will give my dad props when he suggested naming my brother’s boat last year. when it was docked next to my parents, he thought “due me II” would have been appropriate. come on. that is pretty funny. but still embarrassing.

word of the day – erie