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5 days of thanks

I really enjoy long weekends. Especially when they involve holidays that include stuffing your face with stuffing. *Random thought — why is there no restaurant establishment and/or chain named “That’s the Stuff” where all kinds and variations of stuffing are served, 24/7?

It was a very relaxing (yet busy) weekend filled with family and friends that never cease to amaze me. Let’s recap this bullet point style, yo!

Hopefully your holiday weekend was a cornucopia of awesomeness. If not, then make sure you party rock it out this Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa.

things you should do right now

After an enjoyable three-day weekend filled with friends and festivities, I have some items to add to your to-do list, if you have not checked them off already.

Market Garden Brewery & Distillery – The newest hot spot on W.25th is more than hot. It’s like surface of the sun hot. After food and beverage consumption this past weekend, I suggest you try the mussels, tacos and #1 wheat ale.

Pop Up party – This third installment was held on Friday at Battery Park Wine Bar featured the musical stylings of Graydar. This was my first Pop Up party and I really enjoy the concept. It’s like a pop up shop, but a one night shabang. A legal rave, if you will. Dancing is required.

Cleveland Museum of Art Solstice Party – Quickly becoming CLE’s party of the year, there is not much to say about this cosmopolitan affair because you really need to go and experience it for yourself. Strolling through the art galleries at 1:30am is reason enough to check this party out!

Edgewater Beach – Yes, many are frightened by our city’s only public beach (it does need some work), but it can be a beautiful place if you give it a chance. Plus, you cannot beat the people watching. Thongs, kite surfers and hookahs, oh my.

SPACES – It’s not an art gallery. It is a forum for artists to explore and experiment their craft. Not only one of the coolest venue’s around, they also host one of the coolest benefit’s every November. Attend the exhibitions, donate, volunteer and enjoy the creative genius!


hip hop ya don’t stop

after running into gina (beautyfoodie) last week at battery park wine bar, i again realized my vast love for hip hop and r&b tuneage. i know some cannot stand the lyrics, redundancy of vocal runs, or low bass chords, but personally i cannot get enough of it — and neither can gina.

as we discussed some of our favorite artists and songs, one particular song always comes to mind because it simply oozes passion, love and sexiness. that song would be bed by j. holiday and if you have not heard of it before, i suggest you close your eyes, sit back and click the link below.

another song brought up in recent conversation is by the late, great aaliyah. this is my official summer anthem and i play it almost every single time i am on the boat in sandusky. rock the boat exudes this uber smooth groove that takes your hips to a whole other level. i mean, she literally tells us to “work the middle”. bow chica bow wow.

word of the day – drift