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alphabet soup

i should be discussing how terrific my weekend was, but i am currently watching glee (this jamie foxx “blame it” rendition is ridic) and my head is in a totally heavenly mindset at the moment. i just signed a lease on a new car, jump back ball is this weekend and i also just received some other exciting news.

but i will tell you that xyz the tavern is awesome (so is abc tavern). the cleveland museum of natural history is actually very interesting. mama santa’s pizza is the best. viva italia at our lady of mt. carmel should be on your bucket list. and the big egg is really not that big of a deal.

minus losing all of my contacts on my cell and cleaning up a huge leaky mess at the loft, i would say it was an A- weekend.

i feel like i have way too much to talk about but i think i will have to break them up into separate posts. more to come.

the only photo i have from the weekend. say hi matt and michelle!

word of the day – deal

one too many

as i am writing this, my mind is still somewhat fuzzy from the past three nights. but i need to get back on track. so let’s go last week of april!

friday night we met up with our friend robbie and his friend jay for some burgers and such at heck’s cafe in ohio city. we then continued on to the pl pad for some drinks before heading back out. continued on to three other adult beverage clubs (maybe that’s what the “abc” in abc tavern stands for!) and definitely should have stopped after the second stop. in the words of b. zone, we were all most definitely “over served.” i kind of don’t remember latter parts of the night. whoops.

on saturday i worked with the ski family on our colburn house project. i am glad to be working on house remodeling projects, as my dad is teaching me a little of this and a little of that. it will def come in handy for my own home repair projects. that night, the nug and i went to a b-day party for kate and jennie at kate’s new condo in rocky river. great place. great people. good times.

on a side note, i can’t help myself when buying friends childish b-day gifts. i bought them a goodie bag with dum dum pops, plastic jewelery, swirly straws, hats and over-sized cards with unicorns and princess paraphernalia. why not?

ended with a sunday full of cleaning and prepping for a lee fisher house party. friends and family came to show their support for lee and his run for senate. more good times with good people. remember to vote! the night ended late and once again…one too many.

word of the day – another

lzone, me, lenny, john and max
justin, bzone, uncle tom, me and auntie di
Lee Fisher house party
lzone loves the peanut oil warning. some people are allergic!

a public service announcement

it’s already tuesday. i need to keep up on this blog thing! and instead of explaining my past weekend to you, i would rather take this opportunity to tell you what i did last night. however, i will give you some bullet points that would describe my weekend:

  • reddstone happy hour
  • cleaning the hizzy
  • bar/club fun
  • bar/club drama
  • unlimited bread sticks

so last night the nug and i went to the franklin blvd. block club meeting to get the 411 on recent neighborhood news and rants. we have only been to a couple, but if you live in the city of cle, i highly recommend that you join a block club. while we all are networking through the online social media wave, we also have to remember that we still need to actually converse with people in person! it’s another great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends, along with the opportunity to get your thoughts and concerns out in the open with your local peeps.

moving to the detroit shoreway neighborhood was the best decision i ever made. attending the block club meeting last night confirmed that decision once again. street clean up activities to urban garden planning and new business announcements to historical house restorations were topics of discussion. i had the biggest smile on my face when a local family came to speak about their new restaurant, frank’s falafel house. so if you happen to be driving down franklin blvd. or w 65th this june/july, make sure to stop in for some mediterranean inspired sandwiches. also found out that the owners of the abc tavern in oc are opening a new restaurant on detroit next to the cleveland public theatre. expected to open sometime this fall, the appropriately named, xyz tavern should be the next hot spot in the detroit shoreway hood!

so my point? get involved with your community. meet new people. take some time out of your hectic schedules to participate in a street clean up or charity event. be a neighborhood ambassador! support the city in which you live to make it just a little better. enough of us trying to make it a little better will make the city a lot better. duh.