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ice ice, baby

i have been MIA this week. actually, make that MIB (missing in bed). a nasty flu bug has taken over my place of work and consequently my body. in other words, the past few days have been very uneventful and i do not like the word uneventful.

fortunately, i did not make a road appearance during the winter storm this week due to illness. while it looked pretty nasty from my window, it really didn’t seem that bad based on local news reports and up-to-the-minute road condition tweets.

while cle didn’t get hit that hard, chicago got nailed. as i watched the weather channel and saw the 20 inches of snow the windy city received during afternoon rush hour, accompanied by 60-70 mph winds, i thought, now that’s a blizzard!

on lake shore drive, hundreds of cars were left stranded overnight due to the inclement weather, with some people left in their cars for up to 15 hours.

could you imagine!? chances are your cell phone would be dead within that time period. and your car battery would also struggle, as well as your sanity.

what would you do in that situation?

word of the day – icicle

the flats are comin’ at ya

it’s been an absolutely amazing 2010. i really have to say that this past year has been one of the best yet.

to close out 2010, please enjoy the latest installment of the flats. between our busy schedules and lack of camera presence, this one took a little while. not to mention the edits between the three of us, such as my non-profile shot or as-little-as-possible profile shot requirement. my big shnoz just gets in the way. but that topic is a blog post in itself (yes, i’m thinking about a little surgery in the future).

so happy new year and make sure to stay happy in cle!

word of the day – pockets

hey, i know you!

enough said.

one awesome sauce thing about living and working in cle is the people you run into at all of our great local establishments. when frequenting restaurants, bars and art galleries, you soon find yourself running into many familiar faces. some of those faces soon become actual friends and that is the beauty and idea of urban living/pride/love/commitment.

in my circles of friends, we really all share the same beliefs in regards to supporting the city that we love. in doing so, we meet all different types of urban dwellers (and suburbanites that we just don’t understand) and sometimes it almost feels like we are just one big happy family.

this past week or so has really shown true to this urban way of life and i cannot get enough of it. from running into old and new friends at the battery park wine bar with alexa to congregating with talented artists at the bazaar bizarre show at 78 street studios, i find myself wanting only more. it’s almost as if it’s a drug to me.

cle love is my drug.

word of the day – infatuated

foodie fun

last night i received an impromptu invite from the plum to a special media preview at washington place bistro and inn. while i did not take many photos (mainly due to the fact that many other bloggers would post fantastic critiques and observations), i must express how deliciously fun the night was.

the previous baricelli inn was a staple in the little italy neighborhood that essentially ran its course. while the food was tasty, the place was in need of a serious makeover. scott kuhn, who also owns 87 west at crocker park, took this opportunity and created a entirely new space and non-italian (surprise!) menu. as soon as you walk in the renovated lobby, your eye is drawn to the lit counter tops of the main bar and reception desk area. stone tiles are used throughout the interior which add a soft modern tone. clean-lined steel chairs also add to the updated ambiance.

the sleek bar/lounge space.
another lobby shot.

each of the three dining rooms have been updated with new flooring, ambient lighting and oversized chairs. the original woodwork has been kept in tact throughout the dining rooms and several original fireplaces have been restored in a few of the seven guest rooms. one of my favorite features of the guest rooms are the large remodeled bathrooms complete with glass showers.

all of the guest rooms are priced at an affordable $139/night and you have the option to upgrade to $160/night which includes brunch. for anyone interested in staying at a local boutique hotel or have out-of-town guests visiting our fair city, i would highly recommend washington place.

i cannot say anything negative about the five course meal we enjoyed. every dish that was sent out was absolutely incredible. i am not sure i can pick just one fav of the night, but the pierogi and salmon were extremely yummy. great food combined with great service puts this new restaurant in a very good spot on the cle foodie scene.

the plum photographs.
janet taking her 10th shot of the same dish.

after our tour, the plum and i headed to the battery park wine bar which def put the cherry on top of an unexpectedly fun monday evening. i must say, and i will continue to say it … i love this city.

word of the day – beets

pop songs are the devil

it has been almost 2 weeks. i cannot seem to get it out of my fat head.

it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, but it’s there. these writers know exactly what they are doing, as well as the producers. they have intentionally created a monster and they know that millions of people will latch on.

i am talking about “teenage dream” by katy perry. the guy in this video shares his love/hate problem with the rest of the world to see.

as soon as you first heard this bubbly mess, chances are that your ears bled onto your shoulders just a little bit. but then you hear it 2 or 20 more times and it suddenly doesn’t sound so bad. then you actually start to like it or possibly love it. and then you start to hate it with a passion. why? because it’s now stuck in your damn head.

do you have any current songs in your head? maybe even an older tune that you just can’t seem to put to rest?

side note – remember to get your tickets to this year’s jump back ball! i attended the kick-off party this past tuesday with some other cle bloggers, including allison and shibani. this year’s event is not to be missed!

word of the day – fog

well that was fun

how was your weekend!? did you all take advantage of restaurant week?

while my weekend was supposed to be very lazy, a couple impromptu dinner outings happened (thank you lisa and moe) which i am highly grateful for. after dining at bar cento on friday and luxe on saturday, i can say that i am happy to be home from vacation. while relaxing in a warm, lush, all-inclusive haven is an absurd amount of fun, coming home and enjoying your friends and familiar places can be just as satisfying. that said, let’s talk a little bit about mexico!

this was my first week long vacation in quite some time. i forgot what it felt like. and i am happy we made riviera maya our choice for a late fall trip. it all started with our neighbor moe, who recently celebrated a monumental birthday and invited some friends along for the ride. in total, a group of 9 of us packed our bags and headed to the valentin imperial maya.

upon arrival, the cocktails started pouring and i was not complaining. combine that with absolutely beautiful grounds, pools and white beach and it’s basically a little piece of heaven. note to the marketing manager – i would suggest you hire a photographer to take more artistic shots of the property. your current pictures really do not do your resort justice.

lobby area.
the grounds. look at that sky!
more fountains.

during the week, we broke up time between the pool and beach. its kind of amazing how fast a day can go while doing absolutely nothing. thankfully, the weather cooperated and it stayed a mild 81-85 degrees throughout the week.

the big pool.
my right foot (foreground), heaven (background)
pretty palms on the beach.

i think my favorite part of the trip was actually dinner. our whole crew met at 6 or 7 every night at one of the several restaurant options and enjoyed ourselves for 2-3 hours each night. i cannot tell you how much fun this was. i think we really annoyed some of the other patrons with our uncontrollable laughter on a few occasions. what can i say. we just like having a little too much fun from time to time. who cares!

we did pony up and venture off on an excursion, where we did a little zip lining, atv jungle adventure and some cenote swimming. this place definitely has it’s shiz together. very buttoned up and extremely nice, accommodating staff. i would highly recommend any of the selvatica tours.

all in all, it was a terrific time with even more terrific people. nugget edited some footage on the plane and created this little movie of our mexican adventure. enjoy!

word of the day – iguana

muy caliente

tulum me.

there is a lot to talk about. much has happened in the past week and i simply cannot divulge into every little detail. while i should blog every day or at least every other, i can’t seem to manage the work/social/community/family balance at this point. not to mention, the next few weeks will be just as, if not more hectic! but i am not complaining. life is good. g-double-o-d-good (bone thugs).

one item that i would like to discuss is vacation. i have not been on a week long vacation in quite some time. and alas, next thursday the nug and i will be in route to mexico. in celebration of moe’s birthday, we’re heading south of the border for some all-inclusive fun. i have never stayed at an all-inclusive resort, so this will be an exciting first but also a challenge. watch out valentin imperial maya – i hope you have enough goose for this guy.

i also am hoping mother nature is kind and the current weather conditions turn from rain into clear, sunny skies. and if a hurricane arises, they better name that thing sean. because i will be mad as hell and will def be churning up some evil.

good things to come this week. events include board meetings (WSCH and AAF), happy hours, halloween parties and some new restaurant ventures.

word of the day – loco

dancing in september

if you were reading facebook status updates and tweets this past weekend, you know that ingenuityfest was a hot topic. it was an amazing time and as jseabury put it (via his foursquare check-in shout out), i fell in love with cle all over again.

the lifeline waterfall, as simple as it was, really attracted a crowd both on the bridge and off. the shot below was taken in the industrial area of the flats and it was incredible to see the amount of people pulling off the side of the road to get out and admire the simple beauty of water and light. i couldn’t get enough of it.

the awe inspiring, industrial, raw beauty of the "lifeline"

other installations that had me inspired included dr. sketchy’s doodle bar, the waterfall swing and wash away (which was created by friend and neighbor, qian li!) aside from the art and technology mix, it was hella fun dancing at the end of the night to the dj stylings of p-10 and subvader.


additional weekend festivities included a visit to reddstone, house flippin’, chalk’s 30th birthday at hoopples, more dancing at the gclub and a sunday filled with absolutely nothing.

my amateur landscaping skillz

it’s a busy week ahead. october will be here by friday. start thinking about your halloween costumes.

word of the day – kaleidoscope

the other OC

west side market.

almost moved there. actually, was outbid on a house on the lovely street of woodbine. i am not talking about the infamous OC of cali. i am referring to our wonderful neighborhood of ohio city. home to the west side market (prob one of the best public places in the cle), momocho, st. ignatius, beautiful residential architecture and SPACES gallery. similar to tremont, OC has a distinct neighborhood feel and charm. part of that charm def comes from the residents that call this place home.

for the past 7 or 8 years, i have been attending the ohio city home tour every may. this year is a little different because i will be volunteering for the first time! my aunt and uncle’s home will be featured on the sunday tour, so make sure to say hi if you happen to join in the festivities. one of these year’s i am going to have to put up the money for the saturday night dinner/tour. it’s the classy first half of the OC weekend which consists of fine food and fancy dwellings.

make sure you have a good weekend and make it a point to enjoy the outdoors. it looks like it shaping up to be a pretty fantastic weather weekend. oh, and make sure to check out the hooley tomorrow on lorain road. and if you can’t do the hooley, then try a tremont spot. you will find me there between the hours of 4pm and 2am.

word of the day – coolio


My name is sean. I live in cleveland. I work in cleveland. And i love it. Oh, and this will be the only instance where i will actually spell out the entire word, cleveland. It’s CLE from now on.

I am here because i think i have some interesting things to say. Not that they may matter. I won’t tell you how you should live your life with my personal views and opinions. I am not perfect. No one is perfect. Except betty white. And cheese.

I could list every little thing about me here, but i am not going too. you will find out more later. I think its more fun that way.

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