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deep (v) thoughts

After watching the “Makin’ Changes” episode of Happy Endings for the second time, I realized I have an addiction. Much like Dave, I will typically pick a v-neck shirt over anything else in my closet. I am not exactly sure how many v-neck shirts I own, but I do have many varieties in numerous colors. Why do I like to v so much?

I guess it started a few years back when I realized that v-neck shirts can really accentuate your overall look. As a shorter guy, I think they create some sort of optical illusion, making one appear just a tad taller. Personally, I think they just look better on me than a crew neck shirt.

Some people, both male and female, consider v-necks obnoxious and often assume that men who wear them are either gay or over-macho tools. I think that these people are being misled. Many guys who wear v-neck shirts just like the way they look. Sure, you will have those that take the v to a whole other level and may choose to rock the deep v, which for many is incredibly unflattering. Some people should simply be outlawed for wearing these low cut threads.

I may need an intervention, but it won’t help. I need my v. Sometimes I like to double-v. And I have triple v-ed before, which is is just plain silly. I will stop that immediately.

the american stars

I am in total support of living in a self-sufficient urban hub, where one can walk and/or bike to absolutely every place listed on their daily agenda, however, I am a fan of the automobile. We all know that if you do live in CLE, 97% of our population drives from point A to point B. While bicycling has increased in mass numbers, residents in our metro area must drive themselves or at least use some sort of public transportation to reach certain destinations. And I am perfectly happy with this situation because I enjoy the act of driving. Getting behind the wheel of a car can be exhilarating, stress-relieving and just plain fun.

Every year, I attend the Greater Cleveland Auto Show along with other classic/vintage car shows throughout the year with family and friends. And every year I tell myself that I am going to take a long weekend trip to Michigan for Detroit’s big show. Well, another year has passed and I missed Detroit again. And after reading reviews of the 2012 show, it is extremely exciting to see what the critic’s had to say about American auto manufacturers.

I am a fan of many makes and models, whether it includes a luxurious German beauty or all-terrain American 4×4. If money were no object, I would certainly have a Rolls Royce Ghost in my 10+ car garage. But unfortunately I am not a blood relative of the Lerner or Gilbert family.

The good news is, U.S. automakers are not playing around anymore. GM and Ford are producing stylish, reliable vehicles that are truly ready to take on Germany and Japan. The Motor Trend crew praised Ford, Lincoln, Chevy, Dodge and Cadillac as their top show stars this year, which included two models that I really think are going to be huge players in the mid-size sedan and entry-level luxury segments.

I never thought I would drive a Ford. A year ago, I signed a lease for a 2011 Edge, and I haven’t had one complaint. The ride, quiet cabin and sleek exterior design drew me to this crossover, as Ford’s sedan line-up didn’t exactly intrigue my senses. However, the 2013 Fusion is something that I will be test driving when my lease comes to an end. The Fusion seemed to receive the most buzz this year, with a total makeover that combines Jaguar and Aston Martin cues with an abundance of technology. Other than the 1965 Mustang convertible, this is the sleekest thing I have ever seen from Ford.

Another huge crowd pleaser was the all-new 2013 Cadillac ATS. GM has poured an exuberant amount of money, time and research into this entry-level luxury sport sedan, which is intended to take on the BMW 3 Series head on. The aggressive styling, new CUE system and numerous engine options should hopefully bring in a younger demographic to Caddy showrooms. I think that shoppers who are test driving a C-Class, A4, 3 Series or G37 will soon be putting the ATS on their short list. Let’s hope GM keeps the price point and lease offers competitive because I would like one of these right now (in charcoal, please).


where is HOME?

Public art takes on many forms. It can be viewed by millions and interpreted in a million ways. Often times, these pieces signify unity and collaboration, displaying the value of community. While the city of CLE contains some great examples of public art, we could certainly use many more installations throughout our artistic neighborhoods.

One new public display can be found in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood (hey, I live there!), featuring artist Melissa Daubert. Tomorrow night, “Where is HOME?” will open to the public, featuring neighborhood residents reactions and thoughts from the W. 83rd Street explosion in January 2010. This interactive, on-site installation consists of silhouettes of residents who were affected by the explosion, providing their view on how they define the word “home” and the ways the community has healed since the incident.

The location of this installation is actually inside one of the abandoned properties damaged by the explosion and will remain on view through August 7. After the public showing, the house will be demolished and the property will be transformed into a community park. So even if you miss this public art viewing, you will still be able to enjoy the space as a new urban gathering place. And who doesn’t like parks?!?

  • “Where is HOME?” Public Art Viewing
  • Opening reception on Thursday, July 28 at 8:00pm
  • July 28 – August 7, 2011 from 9:00pm – Midnight each night
  • 2040 W. 83rd Street




a CLE bridge project

i drive over the detroit-superior (also known as veterans memorial) bridge every day. the vast structure spans over the cuyahoga river and connects the eclectic ohio city neighborhood with our city’s core.┬áit is my entrance to downtown CLE — like a foyer into my second home.

in our city’s past, this space has served as a streetcar line complete with tunnels, track and a historic subway station. all of this can be viewed by the public a few times a year thanks in part to private tours and the ridiculously cool ingenuity fest which has been held in the lower level of the bridge the past two years. if you didn’t get a chance to attend this past year, you missed an amazing man-made waterfall installation that i basically stared at for an hour (water + light = hypnotic beauty).

but wouldn’t it be grand if this lower level space could be used all year-round? imagine a repurposed pedestrian and bicycle route or industrial performance/music venue. the landscape and foundation is there, but in order to be fully functional for public use, additional funds and votes are needed. and that’s where you come in!

in order for this plan to become a reality, the National Trust for Historic Preservation grant is needed. we need as many votes as possible, so spread the word and vote at! voting ends on june 30th, so get to it!

100 days in CLE

what happens when you combine beautiful artwork and the great city of CLE? you get a terrific blog called ‘100 days in cleveland’.

my cousin rachel introduced me to her friend’s work a couple weeks ago, and since then i have seen it pop up on local blogs, twitter and facebook.

the concept is refreshing. the compositions are inspiring. and i am pretty much obsessed with this talented local artist and her love for all things CLE.

if you happen to enjoy some of her pieces so much that you must own one or five, you can purchase prints on etsy.

make sure you support our local talent. it’s something we all need to more often. it shows we care. and shouldn’t we all care about each other? insert group hug here.



lofty art

it is not a secret that i am obsessed with all modern things. one of my go-to places is obvi CB2 (Crate & Barrel’s more youthful, contemporary line). every time i receive a new catalog, i go through each page and tab just about 80% of the products. why? because everything they sell is way too cool for school.

recently, i purchased a set of vintage sign letters for a brick wall in the loft. this was clearly a subconscious effort due in part to the “YES” letters in CB2’s current catalog (make sure to snatch these up while they are on sale). while i do love CB2’s version, the retro “no” letters i found on eBay sway more vintage industrial, which is a style that definitely suits my taste.

a vintage no.


a modern yes.

originally i had done some research on neon light art for the same brick wall, but custom neon work is quite pricey. however, i would like to look into this again in the future because a piece of neon art customized to say something unique/odd/silly/inappropriate would be amazing.

i would like this for xmas.

another recent purchase from CB2 involved a series of spy mirrors which are more commonly used in industrial settings such as parking garages and supply warehouses. when i first saw these used as an art installation, i was immediately drawn to the idea. nug and i installed three of these mirrors above our spiral staircase and i freaking love them. they add dimension to the space as the angled mirrors highlight different architectural elements in our open concept living area such as metal beams and concrete pillars.

i spy mirrors.
a close-up.

word of the day – convex


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the sky life

i only blogged once last week! i have been busy, but that is no excuse.

i am not going to spit out everything that i have been doing in the past week, so i am dedicating this post to the sky.

yes, i said the sky. why? because it’s damn beautiful! and i have had a slight obsession with snapping photos of that amazing celestial sphere. please enjoy the following photos…

a golden rainbow. but no gold to be found on either end.
a ray of light.
is that a sunset or an explosion?
a bit stormy.
power lines at dusk.

word of the day – surreal