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i’ll take care of you

I think it’s time for another musical offering. This one is brought to you by Drake, featuring the lovely Rihanna.

If I were to describe this track in one word, it would be “smooth.”

The combination of the vocal stylings and moving lyrics really make this one a keeper in my book. While some may find it depressing and on the slower side, I currently cannot stop pressing replay.


the american stars

I am in total support of living in a self-sufficient urban hub, where one can walk and/or bike to absolutely every place listed on their daily agenda, however, I am a fan of the automobile. We all know that if you do live in CLE, 97% of our population drives from point A to point B. While bicycling has increased in mass numbers, residents in our metro area must drive themselves or at least use some sort of public transportation to reach certain destinations. And I am perfectly happy with this situation because I enjoy the act of driving. Getting behind the wheel of a car can be exhilarating, stress-relieving and just plain fun.

Every year, I attend the Greater Cleveland Auto Show along with other classic/vintage car shows throughout the year with family and friends. And every year I tell myself that I am going to take a long weekend trip to Michigan for Detroit’s big show. Well, another year has passed and I missed Detroit again. And after reading reviews of the 2012 show, it is extremely exciting to see what the critic’s had to say about American auto manufacturers.

I am a fan of many makes and models, whether it includes a luxurious German beauty or all-terrain American 4×4. If money were no object, I would certainly have a Rolls Royce Ghost in my 10+ car garage. But unfortunately I am not a blood relative of the Lerner or Gilbert family.

The good news is, U.S. automakers are not playing around anymore. GM and Ford are producing stylish, reliable vehicles that are truly ready to take on Germany and Japan. The Motor Trend crew praised Ford, Lincoln, Chevy, Dodge and Cadillac as their top show stars this year, which included two models that I really think are going to be huge players in the mid-size sedan and entry-level luxury segments.

I never thought I would drive a Ford. A year ago, I signed a lease for a 2011 Edge, and I haven’t had one complaint. The ride, quiet cabin and sleek exterior design drew me to this crossover, as Ford’s sedan line-up didn’t exactly intrigue my senses. However, the 2013 Fusion is something that I will be test driving when my lease comes to an end. The Fusion seemed to receive the most buzz this year, with a total makeover that combines Jaguar and Aston Martin cues with an abundance of technology. Other than the 1965 Mustang convertible, this is the sleekest thing I have ever seen from Ford.

Another huge crowd pleaser was the all-new 2013 Cadillac ATS. GM has poured an exuberant amount of money, time and research into this entry-level luxury sport sedan, which is intended to take on the BMW 3 Series head on. The aggressive styling, new CUE system and numerous engine options should hopefully bring in a younger demographic to Caddy showrooms. I think that shoppers who are test driving a C-Class, A4, 3 Series or G37 will soon be putting the ATS on their short list. Let’s hope GM keeps the price point and lease offers competitive because I would like one of these right now (in charcoal, please).


jump it back right now!

Jump Back Ball 21 is happening very, very soon. This is the week to buy your tickets to one of Cleveland’s biggest parties, benefiting the iconic PlayhouseSquare organization. There are two main reasons why you should buy your tickets right now — prices will increase this Wednesday, 1/25 and there are less than 60 tickets left!

This year, music will include bands Radioactive on the main stage and the late night party will continue with Tricky Dick & the Cover-Ups. Regular price tickets include an array of food (catered by Sammy’s) and an open bar, while VIP tickets will include very VIP food provided by AMP 150. This year, the party will also include a fresh layout that regular Jump Back Ball attendees have never seen.

February 25th will be full of fun and surprises, so make sure to get your tickets right at this minute. Look how much fun I had last year (see below). I believe this is an accurate depiction of the good times you are in for.

Disclosure: I received one free ticket in exchange for blogging about Jump Back Ball 21. These opinions are all me!

HeyTell all the way!

For the past couple weeks I have been basically obsessed with an app called HeyTell. It really isn’t a revolutionary concept, but it has been a very amusing tool. This app is a cross-platform voice messenger that instantly creates conversation without having to text or call a friend a family member. Think of it as a walkie-talkie on steroids.

So why not text someone? Well, let me tell you friends – texting and driving do not mix. That’s a dangerous combination.

Well why not leave a voicemail? If you go this route, you have to call someone and then wait for the beep. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound difficult, but you are wasting a little more time than just leaving a quick HeyTell message.

Not only does this app provide convenience, it provides hours of entertainment via their Voice Changer. This past weekend I probably left 58 messages to friends and family, most of which were in the key of “Alien” at a -30% range. You must try this. I have been giggling since Saturday.

Below you will find a few of my faves from this past weekend. Happy HeyTelling!

This is my voice

I don’t feel so good


you da one

When the month of December arrives, we all know that winter has begun. Thus far, the CLE area has had a very mild late fall and by now we should have already seen some sort of snow accumulation. But in the days of December, personally I would rather take just that. Instead of dreary, cold and wet, give this guy some of that white stuff! I mean, it’s freaking Christmas time and I want some holiday cheer. Let it snow!

Today was one of those miserable, grey days that makes one want to fly away to the tropics where palm trees and sandy beaches blanket aqua coastlines. It makes me want to go back to Mexico, for just a week, to get a little taste of cielo. Maybe a nice trip to Barbados?

And while on the topic of Barbados, I must express my enjoyment of the new Rihanna album. Her people really produced a fantastic pop paradise for the masses and I have found it very difficult to not car dance to “We Found Love” whenever I hear it. But her new single, “You Da One” really gets me too, which exudes a more Caribbean feel. If you close your eyes while listening, you can almost feel the sea breeze and taste the pina coladas.

5 days of thanks

I really enjoy long weekends. Especially when they involve holidays that include stuffing your face with stuffing. *Random thought — why is there no restaurant establishment and/or chain named “That’s the Stuff” where all kinds and variations of stuffing are served, 24/7?

It was a very relaxing (yet busy) weekend filled with family and friends that never cease to amaze me. Let’s recap this bullet point style, yo!

Hopefully your holiday weekend was a cornucopia of awesomeness. If not, then make sure you party rock it out this Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa.

under the sea in CLE

Ever since Sea World left the Midwest (aka Aurora, OH), I haven’t been the same. I grew up at that park and have very fond memories with Shamu and the rest of his aquatic crew.

My love for the water has been a consequence of growing up in a family that has always owned boats and other types of watercraft. I would NEVER live in a city that isn’t situated near a large body of water — ever.

While you cannot really snorkel in our great lake, I’ve had the opportunity to view a little under the sea action in places like Hawaii and Brazil. I cannot tell you how much excitement I get when I see that whole new world (cue Little Mermaid reference) that makes up the majority of our planet.

Unfortunately, CLE does not have one facility dedicated to underwater life, other than those found at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Plans for a waterfront aquarium near the Rock Hall once lived on a list of lakefront development concepts, which in my opinion would have been ideal. However, we all know how these grandiose plans and renderings soon become only imaginary dreams that will most likely never see the light of day.

HOWEVER, I am happy to say that CLE will soon see our very own aquarium located right in lovely downtown. Located in the FirstEnergy Powerhouse, The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is scheduled to open in early 2012 and will feature over 40 tanks of fresh and salt water species.

Personally, I am really pumped about the “SeaTube” exhibit, which is literally a tunnel of glass where visitors will walk through providing a more believable underwater experience.

I am thinking (and hoping) companies and individuals will be able to rent the space for private events. Wouldn’t it be great to host a benefit or even your 30th birthday party under the sea!? A boy can only dream…

happy halloween, you guys

I almost forgot the password for WordPress to add this post. That’s how long it’s been since I last blogged. What are you going to do…life has been busy.

In the spirit of Halloween, please enjoy the best, most thrilling song/video ever created by none other than Michael Jackson.

Happy Halloween!!!

we like to party


You can't see it here, but there was a live Twitter feed on screen.

It was quite the weekend. It was 100% White Party planning, shopping, cleaning and of course, partying.


A little fluorescent light airplane wall sculpture I slapped up.

I can’t remember if I had the chance to say hello to everyone who came, but I do hope everyone in attendance had a good time. For those who couldn’t make it out, we hope to see you next year! And to the strangers who showed up and did not say hello or thank you, you are def not invited next year. Then again, random party-goers do bring an exciting element to a party.


More airplane decor. LED light included.

I am pretty sure next year’s accent color will be red, so you can start planning your threads now.

One major factor of any party is obvi the music. And each year I think about the handful of songs I REALLY want played so I can go bananas too on the dance floor. Some of said songs were played at this year’s White Party, but I can’t seem to remember if the following tracks happened to get on the list.

I am currently obsessed with these two (newish) soon-to-be hits. Download them. Play them. Dance.

i would do anything…

Can I just get a few more weeks of summer? I mean, the current weather conditions are beyond glorious, but I need to get in a couple more trips to the marina and/or beach. And after a fantastic little vacation during the holiday weekend, it’s hard to say goodbye to the sweet, sweet summa.

During my ventures to Roaming Shores and Milwaukee, I experienced some interesting firsts. All of which I will recap in a later post, but in the meantime I would like to share my current obsession with Foster the People. I know I posted the video for ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ this past spring, but I am not sure all of you have listened to the entire album. Well, it’s awesome with a capital A.

For the past couple weeks, I have had this little jam on repeat. It’s one of those songs that make you go “oo laa laa.”