well, hello there

What up, peeps!

That’s right. Look who’s back in the hizzy. After a much needed writing recess, I am coming back with a new take on things. And by things, I mean anything. And by anything, I mean any damn thing I want to discuss with you. I will still have my “happy in cle” moments, but I’d like to broaden the topic train and take it up a notch.

I have opinions. I have relevant and non-relevant thoughts and statements that I would like to express in a public forum, which are hopefully read and then shared amongst yourselves.

At the end of every post, I will provide my personal “rating” on the topic of choice, providing my stamp, if you will. For example, if I am discussing the delicious taste of pulled pork, I would say: seanskisez amazeballs. Or, if I am speaking to the ridiculousness of racism, I would say: seanskisez grow up you brain-dead redneck moron.

Sound good? LEGGO!!! (“leggo” is slang for “let’s go”, you guys)


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