p-holes are a-holes


They are brutal.

You cannot avoid them.

Some have been known to swallow you whole.

Every morning when I leave the house, I have a path. And that path is not only the daily route I take to work, but a secondary path that involves unruly obstacles, also known as potholes.

Sometimes I feel like I am partaking in a real-life video game, racing about city streets, turning corners while avoiding every broken piece of road. But every time one hits you, that sound seems to crush right through you. Immediately after I run through one of these p-holes, I yell some sort of obscenity, directed towards winter, ODOT, or the city of CLE. It just makes me feel better for some reason.

I have no problem swerving and maneuvering around these concrete craters, but I often wonder if one can be pulled over by the 5-0 for driving in this manner. I would hope to bejesus that this would not happen, simply because drivers would prefer not to risk car damage.

So the moral of the story? Watch out. Potholes are everywhere. And they pop up like summer dandelions.

seanskisez: p-holes need to go!



  1. greendogwine

    that SOUND! it makes my stomach sink every time, and then for the next five minutes I drive I just start this mantra “shit i bet i have a flat tire”

  2. Tom Millman

    They were called Chuck Holes when I was a kid. Didn’t realize then that it was a reference to woodchucks, but didn’t care, just thought it sounded more badass and harsh than Pot holes. And certainly less creepy than p-holes.

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