goin’ country?

I dislike country music. No, I despise country music.

Actually, I take that back. I can handle it in small doses.

But as of late, a certain song has entered my play list. I have been blasting it in the car and humming the lyrics around the house.

It’s one of those tracks that just makes sense. It has just enough emotion, while not being entirely too mushy. It’s easy to listen to for those who don’t typically enjoy the country genre. And it would make a fantastic wedding song, for those of you saying “I do” in the coming months.

It could be considered a guilty pleasure for those of you who may be embarrassed by the fact that you enjoy it, but as I say, “so what, who cares.” When you like a song, you like a song. And I think this song is pure, wholesome, romantic, magic.

seanskisez: I want to like country because of Wanted.

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