happy(er) in NYC?

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I love Cleveland. I really do. But lately I have really been wondering what my life would have been like if I would have moved to New York City straight out of college.

I have no doubt that our city is on an upward cycle, as evident in the recent Yahoo article: The Return of the Comeback City. However, we have a LONG way to go. Our city is not as progressive as most, we are surrounded by people (young and old, suburban and urban) who are disgustingly closed-minded and our greatest natural resource has still yet to be developed upon. Our city cannot even keep our only major lakefront park clean, updated and aesthetically beautiful as it should be.

Sometimes I wish I would wake up tomorrow, in a small loft apartment in Manhattan that has just enough space for my personal belongings and CB2 essentials. I would then prepare myself for the day, shut the door, put my shades on and walk to my place of business, which would most likely consist of some small boutique shop or large powerhouse advertising agency. After a long day of work, the night would begin with dinner and shenanigans at any one of 4,200 restaurants in the city, followed by additional stops and more shenanigans. Weekends would be spent enjoying shows, museums, world-class shopping, gallery openings, concerts and off-beat parties.

Now, I am extremely grateful for everything that I have in my current phase of life, but my mind has been on this “what if” state and it won’t go away. This may be just a part of getting older, as you sit back and dissect every aspect of your life and wonder why you didn’t do this or why you haven’t done that.

I think it is time for a long weekend trip to NYC. Maybe I just need a little time there to realize how good life is here in CLE. Or, maybe I will realize how much better life is in NYC.



  1. Robert Stockham

    I have been feeling much the same way of late. Enter Cleveland International Film Festival and all the fun and hard work that it brings, and I feel like I am right where I should be. That being said, I hung out with some filmmakers from NYC and I am definitely in for a long weekend in the Big Apple. Wanna carpool?

  2. Jackie

    I loved your honesty in this short, if not-so-sweet post. Sometimes I think that, in the midst of all the Rah Rah Cleveland noise (and I’m a big CLE cheerleader myself), we lose sight of all the improvements that still need to happen to gain some ground in the population flight of the last two decades. From big things like trashing gorgeous lakefront property (flats anyone?) to little things like the ugliness of our airport (not a great first impression), government and businesses leadership must remain committed to making visionary, long-term investments and improvements that strengthen the beauty and diversity of our fair city. This is especially obvious to those of us who have traveled often, boomeranged about and know what we’re missing here.
    Having moved away and come back myself, I’ve found that the grass is always greener…yet the quality of life in Cleveland can’t be beat. I’m happy to be here working for a brighter, bolder city where my kids will be proud to live and work and raise their own families, without the stigma of rust belt blah. In the meantime, let me know when you’re going to NYC for a quick visit – I might join you! :)

  3. pengo

    Wow. In one post you rendered your entire body of work promoting Cleveland to be an empty farce. Good for you!

  4. Stephanie

    I definitely understand where your head’s at. My boyfriend and are both Cle natives and we moved out to Denver for a couple of years to experience a different lifestyle. While we loved Denver (it’s definitely a progressive city– clean, environmentally conscious, etc), living out there definitely made us realize how much we loved Cleveland. We moved back this past August and love being back. I think all of your observations are spot on, but it’s pretty amazing to be a part of the small, tough niche that is Cleveland. There’s nothing out there that’s quite like us. But, sometimes you need to get out to truly appreciate it!

    You can read more about my experience moving back here:


    Hope you find your happy(er)ness.


  5. Rachael

    I moved to NYC for my last 2 years of college. The experience has absolutely opened my mind and brought me closer to my wildest dreams. After 3 years in the city, I’m about to move home to CLE (at least for a bit). The stress of living on a tight budget and still not being able to save money (even with a decent salary) has gotten to me. I feel trapped in my $1,300/month walkup with no air con, no closet and no living area. The grass is always greener though and I’m sure I will miss it the second I get back to CLE. I recommend you try it if you are able to, but the quality of life is less than ideal.

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