deep (v) thoughts

After watching the “Makin’ Changes” episode of Happy Endings for the second time, I realized I have an addiction. Much like Dave, I will typically pick a v-neck shirt over anything else in my closet. I am not exactly sure how many v-neck shirts I own, but I do have many varieties in numerous colors. Why do I like to v so much?

I guess it started a few years back when I realized that v-neck shirts can really accentuate your overall look. As a shorter guy, I think they create some sort of optical illusion, making one appear just a tad taller. Personally, I think they just look better on me than a crew neck shirt.

Some people, both male and female, consider v-necks obnoxious and often assume that men who wear them are either gay or over-macho tools. I think that these people are being misled. Many guys who wear v-neck shirts just like the way they look. Sure, you will have those that take the v to a whole other level and may choose to rock the deep v, which for many is incredibly unflattering. Some people should simply be outlawed for wearing these low cut threads.

I may need an intervention, but it won’t help. I need my v. Sometimes I like to double-v. And I have triple v-ed before, which is is just plain silly. I will stop that immediately.


  1. Carlene Y. Cleveland

    You see, you can’t really layer a t-shirt. Or at least, I can’t really imagine a way it can be done without the wearer looking like a complete twat. “Look at that chap, he’s wearing two t-shirts!” or, as is more likely to be the case, “that guy has a wife-beater under his douche bag neck. Weirdo!” But a cardigan is another story. You’re almost forced to layer it. Sure, the catwalk models don’t need to. Their square jaws, defined pecks, and distinct lack of pubic hair allows them to get away with it. But mere mortals? They’ll be able to wear deep v-neck trend to their heart’s content. All the time wearing it over something.

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