HeyTell all the way!

For the past couple weeks I have been basically obsessed with an app called HeyTell. It really isn’t a revolutionary concept, but it has been a very amusing tool. This app is a cross-platform voice messenger that instantly creates conversation without having to text or call a friend a family member. Think of it as a walkie-talkie on steroids.

So why not text someone? Well, let me tell you friends – texting and driving do not mix. That’s a dangerous combination.

Well why not leave a voicemail? If you go this route, you have to call someone and then wait for the beep. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound difficult, but you are wasting a little more time than just leaving a quick HeyTell message.

Not only does this app provide convenience, it provides hours of entertainment via their Voice Changer. This past weekend I probably left 58 messages to friends and family, most of which were in the key of “Alien” at a -30% range. You must try this. I have been giggling since Saturday.

Below you will find a few of my faves from this past weekend. Happy HeyTelling!

This is my voice

I don’t feel so good



  1. lzone

    Ummm… I *think* all three of those were sent to me. ha ha ha. They’re also saved in my “favorites.”

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