5 days of thanks

I really enjoy long weekends. Especially when they involve holidays that include stuffing your face with stuffing. *Random thought — why is there no restaurant establishment and/or chain named “That’s the Stuff” where all kinds and variations of stuffing are served, 24/7?

It was a very relaxing (yet busy) weekend filled with family and friends that never cease to amaze me. Let’s recap this bullet point style, yo!

Hopefully your holiday weekend was a cornucopia of awesomeness. If not, then make sure you party rock it out this Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa.


  1. mariam azimi

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({And|As well as} {hope|wish} {the|the actual} {pit bull|dog} doesn {t|capital t} {eat|consume} {it|this}!) {If this|If the} {also|additionally} {fails|isn’t able}, {enlist|recruit} {the|the actual} {support|assistance} {of|associated with} {other|additional} {neighbors|neighbours} {and|as well as} {approach|strategy} {the landlord|the owner} {as a|like a} {group|team}. {There is|There’s} {clearly|obviously} {a|the} {behavioral|behavior} {issue|problem} {here|right here}, {says|states} Sandra DeFeo, {executive|professional} {director|overseer} {of the|from the} {Humane|Gentle} {Society|Culture} {of New|of recent} {York|You are able to}. {The dog|Your dog} {is|is actually} {acting|behaving} {in a way that|in a manner that} {has to be|needs to be} {addressed|tackled} {for your|for the} {safety|security} {and|as well as} well-being, {and the|and also the} {dog|canine} s, {too|as well}. {The|The actual} Yorkie {next door|nearby} barks {continuously|constantly} {from the moment|as soon as} {her|the woman’s} {owner|proprietor} {leaves|simply leaves} {for|with regard to} {work|function} {to the|towards the} {moment|second} {she gets|she’s} {home|house}. {I|We} {ve|ng} {tactfully|respectfully} {attempted to|tried to} {broach|bring up} {the situation|the problem} {with this|with this particular} {resident|citizen}, {but|however} {she|your woman} {takes|requires} {offense|criminal offense} {and|as well as} {says|states} {because|simply because} {I|We} {m|michael} {not a|not really a} {dog owner|pet owner}, {I can|I’m able to} {t|capital t} {possibly|perhaps} {understand|comprehend}. {Jan|January} {Z|Unces}., Sutton PlaceIt s {unfortunate|regrettable} {that your|that the} {neighbor|neighbors} {has|offers} {interpreted|construed} {your|your own} {concern|problem} {as an|being an} {attack|assault} {on|upon} {all of|all} canine-dom. {If you|Should you} {re|lso are} {confident that|certain that} {further|additional} {conversations|discussions} {will only|is only going to} {end in|result in} acr #file_links\keywords2.txt,1,S] imony, {you may want to|you might want to} {register|sign-up} {an|a good} {anonymous|unknown} {complaint|problem} {with the|using the} {city|town} s {Department|Division} {of|associated with} {Environmental|Ecological} {Protection|Safety}, {which|that} {maintains|keeps} {that|which} {10 minutes|Ten minutes} {or more|or even more} {of|associated with} {barking|woofing} {during|throughout} {daytime|day time} {or|or even} {evening|night} {hours|hrs} {is|is actually} {unreasonable|uncommon}. ({That|Which} {drops|falls} {to five|to 5} {minutes|moments} {for|with regard to} late-night {and|as well as} early-morning {hours|hrs}.) {If you think|If you feel} {neglect|overlook} {or|or even} {abuse|misuse} {may be|might be} {at|from} {play|perform} {here|right here}, {you can also|you may also} {contact|get in touch with} {the|the actual} ASPCA, {advises|recommends} Elinor Molbegott, {legal counsel|a lawyer} {for the|for that} {Humane|Gentle} {Society|Culture} {of New|of recent} {York|You are able to} {and|as well as} {first|very first} {chair|seat} {of the|from the} {American|United states} {Bar|Club} {Association|Organization} s {Animal|Pet} {Law|Regulation} {Committee|Panel}. {Next|Subsequent} {column|line}: {Smokers|People who smoke} {and|as well as} non- #file_links\keywords1.txt,1,S] {smokers|people who smoke} duking {it out|it} {in your|inside your} {building|creating}? {Send|Deliver} {me|me personally} {your|your own} {question|query} {at|from} testingthemarketnyc@gmail.{com|org} {or|or even} {tweet|twitter update} {me|me personally} @MisterManners.

  2. kathielyn medina

    {The General|The overall} {Assembly|Set up} {returned|came back} {to|in order to} {Annapolis|Md} {today|these days}, {and the|and also the} {biggest|greatest} {idea|concept} {floating around|going swimming} {comes from|originates from} {across the|over the} Potomac. {With the|Using the} {details of|information on} Gov. Martin O’Malley’s {agenda|plan} {a mystery|a mysterious} {for the time being|for the moment}, {lawmakers|congress} {in|within} Maryland’s {capital|funds} {find themselves|end up} {confronted by|faced with} {a|the} {bold|daring}, {if not|otherwise} {altogether|entirely} {sound|seem}, {idea|concept} {from|through} {Virginia|Va} Gov. {Robert|John} McDonnell {to increase|to improve} {the|the actual} commonwealth’s {transportation|transport} {funding|financing} {by|through} $3.1 {billion|million} {over the|within the} {n|d} #file_links\keywords5.txt,1,S] ext {five|5} #file_links\keywords1.txt,1,S #file_links\keywords4.txt,1,S] ] {years|many years}. {On|Upon} {Tuesday|Wednesday}, {he|he or she} {proposed|suggested} {eliminating|getting rid of} {the|the actual} politically unpopular {gas|gasoline} {tax|taxes} {altogether|entirely} {and|as well as} {replacing|changing} {it|this} {with|along with} {higher|greater} {sales|product sales} {taxes|income taxes}, {a variety of|a number of} {fees|costs} {and|as well as} as-yet nonexistent {revenue|income} {from|through} {taxing|challenging} {sales|product sales} {over the Internet|on the internet}. {It may not|It might not} {produce|create} {enough|sufficient} {revenue|income} {to address|to deal with} #file_links\keywords3.txt,1,S] {gridlock|conjestion} {that’s|that is} {as bad|badly} {as|because} {or|or even} {worse|even worse} {than|compared to} Maryland’s. {It|This} {raises|boosts} {serious|severe} {questions about|questions regarding} {equity|collateral} {and|as well as} {would likely|may likely} {force|pressure} {cuts|slashes} {to other|with other} {priorities|focal points}. {But it|However it} {represents|signifies} {a much more|an infinitely more} {forceful|powerful} {attempt to|make an effort to} {tackle|deal with} {a|the} long-term {threat|risk} {to|in order to} {than the|compared to} {regional|local} {economy|economic climate} {than|compared to} {Mr|Mister}. O’Malley {appears|seems} {inclined|willing} {to|in order to} {muster|gather}.{The success of|The prosperity of} {Mr|Mister}. McDonnell’s {proposal|suggestion} {is by|is as simple as} {no|absolutely no} {means|indicates} {assured|certain} Virginia’s {legislative|legal} {session|program} {has also|has additionally} {only just|only} {begun|started} {but it’s|but it is} {bound to|certain to} {lead to|result in} {questions about|questions regarding} {whether|regardless of whether} {Maryland|Annapolis} {should|ought to} {adopt|follow} {the same|exactly the same} {model|design} {in its|in the} {efforts|initiatives} {to address|to deal with} {a|the} {transportation|transport} {funding|financing} {system|program} {that will|which will} {soon|quickly} {be able to|have the ability to} {cover|include} {no more than|a maximum of} {maintenance of|upkeep of} {existing|current} {roads|streets} {and|as well as} {transit|transportation} {lines|outlines}. {It|This} {shouldn’t|should not}. {The|The actual} {gas|gasoline} {tax|taxes}, {for all|for those} {its|it’s} unpopularity, {operates|works} {as|because} {something|some thing} {a|the} #file_links\keywords2.txt,1,S] {kin|family member} {to a|to some} {user|person} {fee|charge}. {Those who|People who} {use the|make use of the} {roads|streets} {most|the majority of} {pay the|spend the money for} {most|the majority of}. {It is|It’s} {imperfect|unfinished} {because it is|since it is} {a|the} per-gallon {fee|charge} {that does not|that doesn’t} {rise|increase} {with|along with} {inflation|rising cost of living}, {and because|also, since} {it|this} {runs|operates} {counter|counter-top} {to the|towards the} {move|transfer} {toward|towards} {more|much more} fuel-efficient {vehicles|automobiles}. {But for the|As well as the} {time being|moment}, {it|this} {remains the|continues to be} fairest {and most|and many} {effective way|efficient way} {to raise|to boost} {the kind of|the type of} {money|cash} {necessary to|essential to} {maintain|preserve} {our|the} {existing|current} {infrastructure|facilities} {and to|and also to} {build|develop} {our|the} {way out|way to avoid it} {of|associated with} {some of the|a few of the} {worst|most detrimental} {traffic|visitors} {in the|within the} {nation|country}. {Using a|Utilizing a} {general|common} {sales tax|florida sales tax} {increase|improve} {to fund|to finance} {transportation|transport} {projects|tasks} {is more|is much more} regressive {and|as well as} {takes|requires} {much more|a lot more} {out of the|from the} {pockets|wallets} {of the|from the} {poor|bad}, {many of|a lot of} {whom|who} {don’t have|do not have} {cars|vehicles} {anyway|anyhow}. {If|In the event that} {lawmakers|congress} {are|tend to be} {resistant to|resistant against} {adding|including} {as much|just as much} {to the|towards the} {gas|gasoline} {tax|taxes} {as|because} {would be|could be} {needed to|required to} {support|assistance} Maryland’s {transportation|transport} {needs|requirements}, {they could|they might} {at least|a minimum of} {find a way to|try to} {index|catalog} {it|this} {to|in order to} {inflation|rising cost of living}.{But the|However the} {notion|idea} {that if|when} {Virginia|Va} {became the|had become the} {first|very first} {state|condition} {in the|within the} {nation|country} {to|in order to} {abandon|give up} {its|it’s} {gas|gasoline} {tax|taxes} {Maryland|Annapolis} {would be|could be} {under|below} {competitive|aggressive} {pressure|stress} {to follow|to follow along with} {suit|match} {is the|may be the} {ultimate in|epitome of} tail-wagging-the-dog {public|open public} {policy|plan}. {It’s possible|It is possible} {that|which} {some|a few} Marylanders {would|might} {drive|generate} {across the|over the} {bridge|link} {to|in order to} {Virginia|Va} {to|in order to} {fill up|fill}, {but that’s|but that is} {not likely|unlikely} {to have a|to possess a} {major|main} {impact on|effect on} {either|possibly} {state’s|state} {economy|economic climate}, {particularly|especially} {since|because} {Mr|Mister}. McDonnell {is not|isn’t} {proposing|suggesting} {to eliminate|to get rid of} {diesel|diesel-powered} {taxes|income taxes}.

  3. Patti Gurel c/o M. St. Dental

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  4. Virginia Terry

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