Strongsville = Strangeville

This is my hell.

After reviewing my tweets since this past Friday, the majority of the content includes ripping on the suburbs and those who reside in them. I should probably take some of my own advice from my previous post, “you should probably watch what you say“, and do just that.

Part of my problem is that I am such a loyal advocate of the city of CLE and urban living in general, that I get defensive and territorial while not realizing how crass I can be. So to those who I may have offended, please accept this as an apology. However, I must provide you with some observations why suburban folk get on my nerves.

  • You think I live in the ghetto
  • You take up my parking spaces in Tremont
  • You look at me like I am crazy for wearing something somewhat fashionable
  • You have never been anywhere else in CLE except for a sporting or concert venue
  • You cannot drive downtown even though it’s incredibly easy
  • You take over my favorite places on the weekend and then look at me like I don’t belong there
  • You say how nice things are developing in the city and don’t have the guts to move here
  • You think you live a “better” life in that subdivision
  • You keep your children from the city, depriving them from culture and local history
  • You think using a bicycle to get to places is crazy talk

Whether you live in the city or a suburb, I guess the snobbery goes both ways. I just have a difficult time understanding why suburban life is so much better. But one day things will change. People will sprawl once again, but this time it will be back to our urban cores — mark my words.

*Disclaimer – I do not believe ALL suburbanites agree with all of the above statements. I have family and friends who call suburbia home and I love them with all my heart (but they should consider being my neighbor).


  1. Kimi

    You want people to ‘see the light’ that is wonderful city living yet you rip on them? That doesn’t make me want to frequent your ‘hood. I think to each their own. I love visiting the city for sporting events (gasp!), dining at great restaurants (how dare I?!) and to enjoy local culture (how typical of me!)… but I enjoy being able to then drive alllllllllll the way out to my suburban home, not have to deal with any traffic, let my kid play in the cul-de-sac with the other kids and enjoy my slow and quiet life. I’m happy to see you city folk visit where I live… if you would stoop so low of course. :) I also ride my bike places for errands. I don’t think I live a ‘better’ life… but the best life for ME. I think it’s fab that you live in the city and love it so passionately, so don’t rip on me for loving where I live. Let’s all be friends.

  2. Suzanne

    Lots of people like the ‘burbs. They wouldn’t be so sprawling if they weren’t so darn popular. And they aren’t for everyone. I grew up in North Royalton (and Strongsville=Strangeville to me and always has even when I lived 1 mile from its border but for totally different reasons) and much to my mom’s chagrin, I had absolutely no desire to move any where near there as an adult. I don’t live in the “hood”, but I did decide to buy my house in Cleveland- a great true neighborhood in Cleveland. It makes me sad that a good majority, not every one of them (don’t ask my mom to even drive through Ohio City at night, and unlock her car doors…NEVER), don’t take advantage of all that Cleveland has to offer but I guess I can be happy that I can get in to my favorite Cleveland hot spots without too much a fuss.

  3. CLEgal @ Why CLE?

    I agree with Kimi – to each their own. Both suburbanites and those who live in the city have equally valid reasons for living where they do. And the suburbanites who come to the city for sports or restaurants or nightlife are at least coming into the city. They could choose to stay in the suburbs and have dinner or go to a bar there. I choose to see that effort as positive, even if they don’t always know where to park or on which street to turn.

  4. seanski

    Kimi – I am not ripping on people such as yourself. You live a suburban life but frequent the city and all it’s amenities. My statements derived from conversations and scenarios I have encountered throughout the past 10 years while living at home with my parents and working at Southpark Mall. And you can frequent my “hood” anytime. Actually, meet me at XYZ Tavern next week :)

    Suzanne – Agree on all accounts. P.S. When am I coming to Westpark for HH!?!

    CLEgal – Again, not ripping on you. This is meant for those with degrading opinions on our city in general. People who live in a bubble. People who have NEVER taken their 21 year-old child to the art museum, West Side Market or PlayhouseSquare before. And let’s not forget those you comment on Have you ever read some of those comment strands? Wow…

  5. Robert Stockham

    I think that suburbanites have the right to live anyway they want. What they do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business. Just don’t flaunt it in my face or force me to agree with it.

  6. Kimi

    Don’t worry, I didn’t take it personally… it’s a good conversation with viewpoints on both sides. Group hug.

  7. Blog The New Black

    *This* was a post. I love it- I’m from the suburbs have lived the urban dream in many cities, and now Cleveland Proper. I know the suburbanites you’re talking about- they drive me crazy too. Kimi, CLEgal — not all suburbanites are like you- out there exploring and making everyday a new adventure. Its the people that let fear and their safety net keep them where they are with their blinders on that drive me nuts!

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