trololo time

i could discuss more important topics. i could describe my excitement for the cleveland museum of art summer solstice party this weekend. i also could recap how enjoyable my first dinner in the dark experience was this past week.

but i just had one of those days. one of those days that knocked me down. a day that i look at life and say, wuuut!?! (insert lil’ john voice)

and when i have less than adequate moments, i watch or listen to something enjoyable and/or funny. many times it involves a little trololo sing along.

i would be surprised if most of you have not seen this YouTube hit, but if you have not, you’re welcome.


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  1. Suzanne

    You rock my socks!
    And while I am not sure about your choice of pick me ups, whatever does it for you, does it for you. He is a tad creepy but I think you could totally rock that suit and tie combo.

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