100 days in CLE

what happens when you combine beautiful artwork and the great city of CLE? you get a terrific blog called ‘100 days in cleveland’.

my cousin rachel introduced me to her friend’s work a couple weeks ago, and since then i have seen it pop up on local blogs, twitter and facebook.

the concept is refreshing. the compositions are inspiring. and i am pretty much obsessed with this talented local artist and her love for all things CLE.

if you happen to enjoy some of her pieces so much that you must own one or five, you can purchase prints on etsy.

make sure you support our local talent. it’s something we all need to more often. it shows we care. and shouldn’t we all care about each other? insert group hug here.




  1. Bite Buff

    How funny- I literally just discovered this artist on Etsy yesterday and was loving his work! I’ve been looking for Cleveland prints for our house.

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