what day is it?

don’t you ever wonder how all of these unconventional, non-traditional days just ended up on our calendar? who exactly originated these colloquial expressions? why am i using words like colloquial?

this particular subject arose the other night while having dinner at happy dog. we obviously had dogs for dinner and it just so happened to be wednesday, so naturally i deemed the night ‘weiner wednesday’. do restaurants, bars or hot dog shops ever use this as a promotional tactic?

let’s explore the other days of the week, shall we?

monday – manic monday (thank you, bangles)

tuesday – taco tuesday (yum)

wednesday – hump day (need i explain?)

thursday – thirsty thursday (happy hour time)

friday – freaky friday (not sure people even use this)

saturday – super saturday (think retail/big sales)

sunday – sunday funday (an enjoyably intoxicating way to end the weekend)

what else can we come up with? currently i am thinking we need a ‘macaroni monday’ and a ‘falafel friday’…

word of the day – colloquial (duh)

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  1. Bite Buff

    Wasabi Wednesday (sushi, Mmmmm). This came from a food truck conversation that I had with a friend looking to start one. It’s one that I could get behind. :)

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