i like my pumped up kicks

where did this week go?

my newly contracted allergies are hella annoying.

this weather has been excrutiating.

but ya know what? it’s all good. i have some left over potato gnocchi from Luxe by my side and i can actually see sunlight and blue sky out my window.

i also must share a song i first heard on sirius radio that immediately peeked my interest. it’s smooth, refreshing and incredibly uplifting. i want this song to play on repeat and magically fill the humid summer air as i ride my bike down the streets of CLE.

take a listen to ‘pumped up kicks’ by Foster The People. if you like it, you should mark your calendars for june 13th because they will be performing at the Grog Shop in cleveland heights.

disclaimer: pay no attention to the lyrics. i would like to think of this tune as a light-hearted, playful story of long lost friends reuniting at a beach party in the pacific northwest. unfortunately, this song is about a homicidal teenager (cue debbie downer).


  1. Biggie

    I think you need to also check out a group called Discovery. Kinda like Vampire Weekend meets Passion Pt. Start w/ the album “LP.”

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