(rain)drop it like it’s hot

after a swell easter weekend with family and friends, i decided to take monday off for a little spring cleaning. for those of you that know me, i take cleaning seriously. i am a little obsessive and i have been known to wipe down a counter or vacuum a rug within 10 minutes of doing it the first time. it’s not healthy.

and while i reeeaaallly want to invest in a cleaning service, a certain someone won’t let me and i have an idea that i would be cleaning up after the maid service left the building. but i am pretty sure i am going to do it because there simply is not enough time in the day and i think the money will be well worth it. but i digress…

so when i woke up on monday morning, it was yet again a dreary erie shore day and i hit the snooze button once twice three four five times. i am a sucker when it comes to dark, stormy mornings and i simply have to take advantage of the cozy factor. so rather than get up at a decent hour and actually clean and organize a closet or two, i chose to stay in the sack and listen to raindrops on the windows.

i think our nation needs to establish at least 2-3 days during the year which citizens can use as a floating rainy day holiday. who’s with me!?!



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