lofty art

it is not a secret that i am obsessed with all modern things. one of my go-to places is obvi CB2 (Crate & Barrel’s more youthful, contemporary line). every time i receive a new catalog, i go through each page and tab just about 80% of the products. why? because everything they sell is way too cool for school.

recently, i purchased a set of vintage sign letters for a brick wall in the loft. this was clearly a subconscious effort due in part to the “YES” letters in CB2’s current catalog (make sure to snatch these up while they are on sale). while i do love CB2’s version, the retro “no” letters i found on eBay sway more vintage industrial, which is a style that definitely suits my taste.

a vintage no.


a modern yes.

originally i had done some research on neon light art for the same brick wall, but custom neon work is quite pricey. however, i would like to look into this again in the future because a piece of neon art customized to say something unique/odd/silly/inappropriate would be amazing.

i would like this for xmas.

another recent purchase from CB2 involved a series of spy mirrors which are more commonly used in industrial settings such as parking garages and supply warehouses. when i first saw these used as an art installation, i was immediately drawn to the idea. nug and i installed three of these mirrors above our spiral staircase and i freaking love them. they add dimension to the space as the angled mirrors highlight different architectural elements in our open concept living area such as metal beams and concrete pillars.

i spy mirrors.
a close-up.

word of the day – convex


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  1. Suzanne

    I love cb2 also. Can you come decorate my new home? (it’s still new if I haven’t lived there a year yet, right?) I am on a mission for a coffee table, a side table, some wall art/pictures.

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