let’s fly with dragonfly

there is rarely a time that i pass up a dinner invite. and thanks to  janet (ms. jackson, if you’re nasty), i was able to attend the media preview at dragonfly last week.

she approves.

dragonfly you ask? yes, they have been open for over a year, but this week unveiled a more refined menu and reconfigured interior.

thanks in part to marlin kaplan and the usual suspects (jeff a. and adam w.), we are now treated too a new “asian-fusion” vibe. look out for additional seafood creations and other modern plates while the class-act cocktail list stays put.


the interior has also been revamped a bit, specifically in the main dining room where the bar stools have been converted to standard height chairs and tables. visually, the room appears larger and feels more like an actual restaurant space while maintaining the lounge design aesthetic.

the main dining room.

make sure to check out the new dragonfly next time you are in the w.25th area!

word of the day – sushi

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