it was just like a movie

i was supposed to announce the winner of the $50 gift certificate to The Greenhouse Tavern on friday. whoops.

between thursday and sunday, i really wasn’t home much (don’t believe me, just check my foursquare status and/or plum’s blog). aside from all the activity that took place, something happened early sunday morning that has become a more common occurrence. and that something would be the “movie scene” experience.

after a long day of shopping with plum (and surviving the erie hurricane on the shoreway), nug and i attended the ArtCares benefit at the Battery Park power house. the event was wonderful, the people were incredible and the art was fantastic. this was also my first time seeing Lounge Kitty perform. if you have not seen this band before, you should.

lounge kitty singing to nug.

but this was not my “movie scene” experience. afterwards, we headed to tina’s nite club to shut the night down. just about everyone in the d-sho was in attendance, including councilman zone and his wife, michelle. but it was when tbone took the mic and the lionel richie track started to play. as soon as the lyrics started, people turned their heads and immediately began to get groovy.

as the song progressed, just about everyone was singing. about 80% of the crowd was on their feet dancing by “tam bo li de say de moi ya”.  it was such a happy moment. one of those moments in your day, week or year when you realize how cool life can be. and i thank my friends, family and city for providing these moments to me on a regular basis (i know, sappy).

the "movie scene" at tina's.

does anyone else have these experiences? or am i just a whimsical, optimistic, insane person?

now let’s get to the winner. chosen by with a total of 31 comments, number 8 (ironically, my fave digit) is the lucky duck.

congrats, Dean Bianchi!

word of the day – jello


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