a happy(inCLE) anniversary

i totally missed my one year blog anniversary. i knew i started this thing last april, but didn’t realize that april 7th was my official start date! over the past month i have been brainstorming ideas for happyinCLE. a little makeover is currently in the works. change is good and i think the logo and graphics could use a good kick in the a*#.

another thought i had involved the general content of this here online word vomit station. i know most blogs are basically formulated web diaries, but i feel like i need a ‘thing’. i don’t know what that thing is and don’t know if it will ever rear its head, but i am open to suggestions.

and finally, i have been contemplating the use of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. howev, this transformation would be totes ridic.

my first change is not exactly visible to the naked eye, but it will (hopefully) make some impact on the planet. that’s right, happyinCLE is going green. i have switched my web hosting provider to Canvas Dreams, which is an amazing eco-friendly company that uses renewable wind power generated at wind farms in the pacific northwest. they also plant a tree for every new customer — sustainaballs!

and in spirit, i would like to continue the green theme by giving a lucky winner a $50 gift certificate to The Greenhouse Tavern. i thought it would be nice to give the people (and by people, i mean the 8 human beings that read this blog) a little somethin’ somethin’.

to win the gift certificate, please comment on this post by expressing your love for CLE. what makes you happyinCLE? i will announce the winner this friday, april 15th. good luck!

word of the day – happy


  1. Valerie

    oooh, did I land the first comment?

    Art and cool restaurants make me happy in Cleveland! (Plus the fact that by living here, I can afford both!)

    That, and I love the metroparks and summer concerts at the Cleveland Orchestra.

  2. Cleshopaholic

    Happy Blogaversary!!!!! Looking forward to the changes, but please don’t lose the “you”ness that is this blog!!

    I’m happyinCLE looking forward to how much fun CLE is in nice weather!!!!!!

  3. J to the bizzo

    There are a millz things to love about the city of CLE (even if I *do* live in the ‘burbs ;) ). Those things include: the parks; the people; the array of food; the diversity; the loyal fans; the Zones; and the neighborhoods. I will never leave and will always be HappyInCLE, b*tches.

  4. Bond

    I love Cleveland for the foooood, which is highly appropriate since this is for a gift card to GHT. duh.

  5. Beth Zone

    I should win this contest hands down…. I have lived in Cleveland longer than all of your friends ( probably added together age wise.) I could have lived anywhere but I chose to live in the city and house that I grew up in. And most of your friends and you can feel the vibe around my dining room table when we talk, yell, eat, drink about Cleveland and whats happening in this town, and it really would be fun to go out to dinner than cooking for everyone (Just kidding) I would take you to dinner too! I do have to say it is you and your friends that are keeping “Happy”

  6. Dean Bianchi

    Does needing an excuse to go out in the land of Cleves count? How about moving back to the city I love after seven years of life in the “south”? What about if I win I’ll buy a drink for a few of the other commenters?

  7. Bite Buff

    Congratulations! Year one is always fun to look back on. There are a LOT of things that make me happy in Cleveland, but the thought of patio weather is what is making me most happy lately! I’d love to win and go sit on GHT’s patio.

  8. Rosemarie

    My favorite thing about Cleveland is the ability to live so close to the water for cheap! I also love the seasons (yes, even snow) and enjoying summer and fall on patios at awesome restaurants! Happy 1 year!

  9. CLEgal @ Why CLE?

    Yum! I love so many things about CLE…the people, the food, the lake, the sports (really), the weather (sometimes). It’s just a great place to be! Great giveaway! Happy blog-versary!

  10. MinorCLE

    What makes me happy in the Cleve? The passion that the residents of this city have to make it better, rooting for the Tribe (even when they aren’t on top) and the food…The glorious glorious food this city shares with its visitors and residents. Cleveland is Yum.

  11. Kopniske

    I’d like to throw my hat in the ring. I’m a regular reader and one day I’ll finally start a blog of my own. So many great CLE bloggers – I need to figure out how to fit mine in among all of them. I’ve been helping promote CLE institutions for my whole short career in PR (Cleveland Museum of Art, Flats, social servies etc), and now I’m in the trenches helping promote how the city leaders are working to move the city forward (not everyone always agrees, but we’re marching in the right direction).

  12. Anne

    Yay for one year of writing. Since I just found you I can be reader #9.
    I am HappyInCLE because I finally moved back after being in the south for 14 years. This is an amazing city to raise children in. We have world class museums, the MetroPark system (OMG its beautiful and I drive it daily) the food…Holy Crap the food here is amazing. It’s nice that I can go to a restaurant and not have to order fish (thats all that is on the menus at the beach in NC) And the #1 reason is my 94yo Mema is here and we can still digin the dirt together and garden :)

  13. Ryan

    I love Cleveland! We have such an amazing food scene that holds it’s own against any large city I’ve been to. Our vibrant art scene, Playhouse square, talented local groups (my favorite being Convergence-Continuum)we’re never at a loss for culture. The museums… the festivals… amazing neighborhoods (Tremont, Ohio City)… festivals… and most importantly, the amazing people that love their sports teams no matter what. I can afford to carry a lifestyle that would never be possible in DC, NY, or Chicago without compromising quality. All of that makes me happyinCLE!

  14. Renee

    I love that we have such amazing people, food, culture, sports and entertainment for such reasonable prices. There’s never a day that goes by that something interesting isn’t going on. And, so many people are so passionate about so many different things. I’m officially HappyinCLE!

  15. Brian

    The best part of Cleveland are the restaurants!! Great dining is EVERYWHERE. Ohio City, Tremont, Downtown, and even the Detroit Shoreway. People have NO idea.

  16. sara

    For me being happyinCLE is about getting out. I could sit home and complain about how boring my town is, but it’s not. There is never a shortage of things to do, restaurants to eat at and bars to booze at. The more I get out, the happier I am…and that makes me a good Clevelander!

  17. elizabeth

    I’m new to this blog and thrilled to have found it. I love CLE too and want others to find it and move here and make it better and better. Plus Greenhouse ROCKS!

  18. kakaty

    Being here 3 years now I love how much there is to do with the kids. The awesome park system, the museums in University Circle, the lake…we always have things to do and places to go. At their age even a ride on the Rapid is a great time. We’ve been really happy with our decision to move to CLE!

  19. Dave

    I love the short commute, low cost of living, tons of awesome food options, plenty to see and do.

    What’s NOT to love about Cleveland?

  20. Managed Chaos

    Happy blogiversary. I love the restaurants on E. 4th (it’s my favorite place to take my girlfriends to show off the city). The Greenhouse is my fave (and I love, love, love the owners)

  21. 216amyc

    I love that there is so much to see and do in Cleveland. From museums to restaurants to live music and theater, Cleveland’s got it all!!

  22. Sarah

    I didn’t grow up in CLE, but in the 5 years I’ve been here I feel like I have grown up here. It’s home! There is so much to do and see, my hubby grew up in this area and I’m showing him all kinds of things he didn’t even know existed.

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  24. sarah

    I’ve from here (Old Brooklyn baby!) but lived abroad and traveled much… but I’ve never seen the the same kind of kinship Clevelanders share anywhere else. We know its cool here and a great place to live, and its almost like our little secret. My boyfriend and I are closing on a condo in Ohio city on 4/27 – we know that this is home and are doing our little part to get those census numbers moving in the right direction!

  25. Blog The New Black

    Is it too cheesy to say I love CLE because its where I met my bf? To balance the cheese, I’ll add that I love the metroparks and the dining, and the vintage shopping!

  26. AHGinCLE

    well it looks like you’ve got more than 8 readers to this blog! what makes me #happyinCLE is its gritty photogenic industrialness; a large supply of fresh water (try living somewhere that doesn’t have it); and beautiful summers which are coming up!

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