it went down at JBB

i know jump back ball was last weekend. and i know that i have been a bad blogger. due to being insanely busy last week (and still sick), i had no time to recap my crazy night at PlayhouseSquare’s biggest event of the year.

originally, i was going to start out by explaining how rough the night started and then get into my unexpected confrontation with an ignorant attendee. but then i got over it. instead, i would rather provide some positive images.

nug, me, lzone and moe looking like hot messes.
a little dancing with ck.
joe g. and kelly. both terrific dancers, fyi.
mark and moe. aren't they just darling. vom.
group shot - post kicking walter out of xyz the tavern.

thank you to PlayhouseSquare for providing our city with a terrific event for an even more terrific institution. can’t wait for next year!

word of the day – super


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