alphabet soup

i should be discussing how terrific my weekend was, but i am currently watching glee (this jamie foxx “blame it” rendition is ridic) and my head is in a totally heavenly mindset at the moment. i just signed a lease on a new car, jump back ball is this weekend and i also just received some other exciting news.

but i will tell you that xyz the tavern is awesome (so is abc tavern). the cleveland museum of natural history is actually very interesting. mama santa’s pizza is the best. viva italia at our lady of mt. carmel should be on your bucket list. and the big egg is really not that big of a deal.

minus losing all of my contacts on my cell and cleaning up a huge leaky mess at the loft, i would say it was an A- weekend.

i feel like i have way too much to talk about but i think i will have to break them up into separate posts. more to come.

the only photo i have from the weekend. say hi matt and michelle!

word of the day – deal


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